Responsibility and prevention, from Covid to hearing: health focus at “In the crosshairs”

A “In the crosshairs” of Telelibertà, the news format led by the director Nicolette Bracchi, came health, with four important guests from the Ausl of Piacenza. On the Covid front: Marco Delledonne (Direction de la santé publique) and my colleague Andrea Vercelli (Acting Director of First Aid and Emergency Medicine). On hearing: the audiologist and the speech therapist Sara Ghiselli with an ENT and surgeon colleague Giuseppe Di Trapani.
On the one hand, an interpretation of growing contagions has been proposed. On the other hand, a focus on hearing one month after the world day and a few days after the national day on the prevention of noise pollution in school age; this, being able to boast of a department of otolaryngology (directed by the chief physician Domenico Cuda, national president of the SIA) of national excellence.

Covid: queuing?
“Infections at +15% in the last weekly report – Delledonne attacked – cases have doubled since the end of February. After the state of emergency, it is now everyone’s responsibility”. He called for caution in attendance fragile people; use of ffp2; swab with mild symptoms.

To emergencies
“On the Covid front, I present the optimistic side – Vercelli style – the patients are infinitely less serious than the previous waves; hospitalizations for pneumonia, a small minority. We see a lot of infections similar to the flu and the common cold, thanks mainly to vaccinations”. But in the event of (increasing) internal positivations “when patients are confined to the few Covid beds (Infectious Diseases, Emergency Medicine and Surgery), they can no longer be followed in the first person by the responsible specialist”.

Covid and audience
Among the pandemic reflexes: “the disappearance of the lip, due to the masks, has aggravated many patients – agreed Ghiselli and Di Trapani – a socially disabling deficit”. And “over the past two years, the interventions have decreased, after a peak of 170 implants in one year, placing us as a reference center with patients from all regions, of all ages and problems.

Watch your ears
“We record frequent access to the PS for the use of sticks: they only do damage, like wax cones, even to the very delicate skin of the auditory canal”. Hearing loss is “increasing, especially in young people, due to prolonged use at excessive volumes of headphones”. More generally, hearing must be treated like the rest: “we must not wait, these are pathologies that are often hidden, never fleeting. The global and national days, encouraged by the WHO, contribute to raising awareness on an issue that is wrongly misunderstood and still taboo”.

Prevention, surgery, prostheses
“The treatment of deafness and hearing loss – explained Ghiselli – is a path that can involve personalities such as speech therapists, audiometrists, psychologists”. A paradigm applicable to all ages. “Newborn screening exceeds 98% in the region and in Piacenza. Early diagnosis allows for early rehabilitation, but adults are only checked when they notice a more or less disabling problem, often years after its appearance”. Thanks to the stigma: “hearing aids are like glasses but shame and fear remains when one turns to otorine, implants experienced as a defeat”, underlined Di Trapani. “Those who do not hear tend to isolate themselves, to pretend to understand, to alienate themselves” with several potentially serious consequences.Even in children, difficult to identify: “for example, we treat a lot of “false hyperactive” and children with language delays”.

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