Riccardi, 118 experiments to defend and implement

Palmanova, March 25 – “Thanks to the 118 operators, protagonists of these 30 years who have guaranteed, and continue to do so, people’s health prospects. It is an important story of the country that was imagined a few years earlier in This is a successful experience: we must cherish it, defend it, go beyond nostalgic references, and make it evolve further for the benefit of the citizens”. This is what Friuli’s deputy governor in charge of health said. -Venezia Giulia, Riccardo Riccardi, today in Palmanova on the occasion of the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the Territorial Emergency Service 118, created on March 27, 1992 by decree of the President of the Republic. With Riccardi also the Central Director regional Health, Gianna Zamaro, from Sores Amato De Monte, Maurizio Andreatti from Arcs and the nursing director Federico Nadalin. “The future of 118 – indicated Riccardi – is also in the implementation of communication technologies for the intervene ion and in large investments in human capital, allowing, for example, operators to lend their professionalism by rotating within the emergency-emergency which is a regional system that today offers competence and efficiencyā€¯. The effort to be continued to improve the already high level of performance, as reflected in the press conference, also consists of activating a service for training and informing citizens on how to activate the rescue system, essential to speed up the dispatch of vehicles. to understand the needs of those requesting the service. De Monte focused on the numbers, recalling how the territorial emergency system in our region is based on the use of 51 ambulances operating during the day and 35 at night with 7 auto-medical rescue and helicopters operating 24 hours. A system that involves 900 professionals including drivers, volunteers, nurses and doctors. Vehicles which are moved by the single regional operations center of Sores which managed in 2021 131,000 rescue missions carried out against approximately 600,000 calls, or 1,600 per day. Of the total number of missions, 1,200 were for cardiac arrest and 250 for imminent birth. On these cases, today in the oval room of the Regional Civil Protection were reported the positive testimonies of a father, who survived a cardiac arrest thanks to the immediate arrival of the ambulance and the preparation of her son educated in resuscitation maneuvers, and a husband who managed to give birth to his wife guided by telephone, step by step, by the operator. “These figures are the concrete demonstration of the extent of the work and the commitment of the professionals” commented Riccardi, highlighting the data on abusive telephone calls: “270,000 calls, or 43% of the total, are abusive, this puts highlight the ability to filter flows and this gives an efficiency profile that guarantees correct management. People’s lives also depend on it. ” In his address, the Deputy Governor also drew attention to the issue of prevention who “must find alliances in society starting from school, in which to rediscover the study of civic education” and on training “there are saving maneuvers that can also be taught to the population. Prevention – he added – also determines the relevance and sustainability of the system, we must insist on this”. Finally, Zamaro recounted the evolution of pre-118 and his experience in the Giuliano-Isontino area with the emergency medical unit and the start of an organized rescue. ARC/LP/ma

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