“Rieti in Salute”: another list for Ubertini, there are all health professionals

Photo: Gianluca VANNICELLI ©

(from the Corriere di Rieti) The third pole candidate for mayor, Carlo Ubertini, puts the theme of health at the center of the electoral campaign. It does so in its first official version, presenting the three lists (for now) that support it. The last is called “Rieti in good health“, which will perhaps become the campaign slogan of the candid to the “liberal socialist” as he defines himself.

Well-being. This is the word that was the conductor at yesterday’s meeting. Health care, but also economic, cultural, environmental and spiritual well-being. Near him, the head of endovascular surgery of De Leilis, Massimo Ruggerispokesperson for the Rieti in Salute list, an absolute novelty in the political panorama of Rieti, which sees him only and exclusively health professionals (doctors, nurses, health workers and volunteers). List of “qualification” as Ubertini himself defined it, “a list of highly qualified people capable of transforming proposals and ideas into real projects capable of solving people’s problems”.

Especially the older ones. “According to Il Sole 24 Ore, Rieti is registering a very high rate of health migration, we must reverse this trend and for this we have dispatched 32 health professionals”. And it is perhaps no coincidence that this “sectoral” list is revealed during a pandemic. “This list was born from a contagious idea that involved many people, recalls Ruggeri – people who applied with enthusiasm. The mayor and the city council will also have to take care of the health of the citizens who must no longer be seen as a simple economic and budgetary interest. Ten years ago the province of Rieti had around 800 beds, today there are 300, but then the pandemic presented the bill. The policy of cuts does not pay, it is necessary to try to reverse course and this can be done by having a direct and clear relationship with the Region and the Local Health Authority and by using the three tools at our disposal: controls, proposals and complaints”.

“We know reality in all its aspects and we know how to work as a team,” concluded intensive care nurse Norma Maggi. In short, transform Rieti into the city of well-being. Difficult but exciting business. However, it can only be achieved by reaching at least the ballot, “And this is our goal that we want to achieve with the list of the Socialist Party and Nome Officina Politica, recalled Ubertini -. Fourth list? There are many of interest around the third pole I don’t know if there will be a fourth list or other candidates in the already existing lists, but the inclusive project does not stop. United for Rieti? They reflect, our will to work with them is always there”.

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