Roberta Sinopoli, Marchisio’s wife speaks: tennis, sport and cooking

Face to face with the wife of the former champion of Juventus, super sporty and in great shape

Angelique Cardoni

March 16

She met a love of sports long before she met her husband. The story of Roberta Sinopoli, wife of Claudio Marchisio (they married in 2008 and have two children, Leonardo and Davide), the Juventus flag is that of a little girl who started playing tennis at the age of 8 for a family passion. “My father played football, but my uncle (mum’s brother) went to tennis clubs. He therefore transmitted this passion to all his nephews”, he tells us. “I played tennis at a competitive level until the age of 17/18. During the under-14 era, I practiced almost every day: I came out of school, two hours of tennis and one hour of athletics. In short, I lived from sport”.

Do you still live from sport today? How do you stay in shape?

“I am someone who tires easily, but I have always tried to do training circuits, even on my own. Then Claudio, since he stopped playing, started to be my personal trainer, creating for me ad hoc cards. a cousin who is his own personal trainer and so i let him follow me too, as far as the cardio and toning part goes. but that’s not all. i recently started playing in padel, I fell in love with it, it’s easy for me, having the basics of tennis. My training week begins on Monday with a dance class (a zumba class), in Turin, with the ballerina Benedetta Comi. The other days I train between padel and bodybuilding”.

Do you still train with Claudio?

“Yes, since he stopped playing, he puts the weights in the garden and follows me a bit. But if I follow him well, the next day I won’t get out of bed…”.

Do you still live football at home?

“Yes, because Claudio has stopped but now our children have started playing. We lived the European Championships with crazy anxiety. Claudio would have liked to be there too, on the pitch, but we lived them intensely even without him. .”

But is it true that you support Turin?

“It’s my second team, I can’t say at home (smiles) but now I live it serenely. My father has a heart of pomegranate and before meeting Claudio I also went to the stadium to watch matches with my friends. But Juventus in recent years has really given us a lot.”

Let’s get to nutrition: are you dieting at the table?

“I don’t like diets, but I try to be careful, I eat everything, but good, and then I keep the freedom to eat a little more when we have guests or when we go out to dinner. I’m not not followed by a nutritionist, but I got to know myself, so I avoid foods that can cause swelling. To stay in shape, I also help myself with lymphatic drainage and massages: I also try to pay attention to the aesthetic part”.

“Pizza and sushi, so much so that I also opened themed restaurants (Legami Sushi & More). I cook quite well, we come from southern families and cooking is at the forefront. My mother and my mother-in-law taught me a lot of dishes: men also have to be taken by the throat!”.

“Claudio’s mother taught me very well how to make Russian salad. Starters and risottos are very good for me, I have more trouble with second courses, so I often opt for a good fillet of meat”.

Let’s finish on future projects: she is now involved in fashion…

“Yes, a year ago I created my own brand, Dependance: it’s a total look. We produce everything: from pattern to production, shoes with a complete look. It was born in the middle of a pandemic, i I started with online I managed to get it off to a good start. Now I have also started with in-store distribution, but I prefer to have little of it. Fashion is a passion that I have always had and despite the historical period that we are living, this project is mine is taking shape more and more”.

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