All that’s missing is Rocco Commisso to take advantage of the renewed energy and warmth of this Fiorentina who plays, has fun, scores points and is in full swing for Europe. From afar, however, the president is there, he gets excited, gets excited, makes his closeness felt with the coach and the players, the presence is felt and he is only waiting for the green light from the doctors to take the first airplane. and return to Florence. . The problems seem to have been overcome, the convalescence is coming to an end, milder temperatures and a regained physical form are necessary to face the trip without unnecessary risks. Now it seems like a matter of days, Rocco is the classic caged lion, we’re talking May as a possible goal, just in time to enjoy the final championship run and hopefully the decisive Cup challenge. ‘Italy.

After two difficult years of learning and breaking in, there was a turning point and Commisso is now satisfied with the choices made, with its work team which is finally running at full speed and with the renewed energy of a team back in the ranking positions it deserves. Some thorns remain, like the Joker history, the disputes over the new logo that bothered him, and the Crossed issue, but the positivity is palpable.

In Italian football, we no longer speak only of the Fiorentina phenomenon, Viola is no longer just the revelation team of the championship, but a laboratory of good play, the true expression of modern football which has its reference in Vincenzo Italiano.

Yesterday afternoon’s euphoria brought about eight thousand fans back to the Franchi, as in good times, to attend training, to load the team even more and celebrate after the big game in Naples. Lots of young people and very young people and that’s a great sign, an uncommon sense of belonging compared to other places where football loses its appeal and young people watch it with less participation.

In Florence, Fiorentina is always Fiorentina, carrying values, passion and emotions. A good atmosphere which will also serve the team which has adopted this feeling of belonging since the start of the season following the contribution of the coach who is the new man in our football.

We now speak of the Italian Fiorentina as a reference team, as in the past we spoke of the Foggia of Zeman or of raising the comparison, of the Milan of Sacchi, of the Juve of Lippi or of the Napoli of Sarri. Teams to watch for ideas, tactical innovation and even results. It is clear that Fiorentina’s level is not that of the mentioned battleships, but twenty-three points more than last season and the football produced really suggests a job to leave its mark. Rocco also wants to pamper his coach, finally a perfect technician after a few choices which unfortunately disappointed him. The two get along after games, compliments are in vain, but Rocco also likes to talk about football, tactics, choices.

As we told you before, the coach’s clear desire to continue growing at Florence, to raise the bar of ambition here, has leaked out from sources close to the coach. There is the idea of ​​opening a cycle with the aim of bringing Fiorentina back to the highest level, without setting limits. It’s obvious that many clubs have already shone the spotlight on a manager like this, but he’s only thinking about Fiorentina and just waiting to hear about upgrade programs for the future.

Even Rocco knows he had the right intuition, snatching the Italian from La Spezia was a stretch that paid off and the ambitions coincide. Rumor has it that the company only intends to discuss the future at the end of the season, they don’t want any sort of distraction from anyone, all the energy of the Fiorentina from first manager to last warehouse manager must be funneled into the next seven league games and the Italian Cup. However, some indications would have matured and the idea of ​​a cycle with the Italian at the controls is very popular. This is why Joe Barone has already made it known that Fiorentina will also exercise the option for the 2023-24 season, perhaps trying to extend the coach’s contract by one or two years, thinking of a cycle of five years. Obviously the Italian contract will also have to be touched up, which at the moment brings in around a million, much less than others and less than his level, a low figure compared to those circulating for him and probably already whispered to the prosecutor’s ear. Ramadani.

During the meeting which will take place at the end of the season, it is likely that for the Italian there will be a renewal proposal with a double salary, increased to two million. A good base to fuel his enthusiasm and ambition and ward off the temptations which, as we know, in football are always around the corner.

But it’s obvious that the Italian deserves everything we’re talking about and not just for the points in the standings or the game. Think how much the value of the team has increased, think about Igor, we are talking about tens of millions of euros. But wait for the right moment and the boxes will be placed in the right place.

Now there is the pitch, Venice on Saturday, Juventus on Wednesday.

The club and the Italian will have to know how to keep the concentration very high even in this festive atmosphere, almost of euphoria, to make the players understand that Naples is already in the archives, that victory is nothing if nobody follows it. The reset must be total because Venezia is still hoping for salvation and if you don’t deal with it with the necessary concentration and determination, it can create trouble. We remember the first leg well.

Think match by match as if it were finals: that’s how it is. Obviously, however, the coach must also make other assessments. For example, they’ve been playing the same way for a few weeks, the team has a very special face, it’s grown and some players have grown. With Venice however, without distorting it, it will take a little turnover to have the base team at the top on Wednesday against Juventus. Meanwhile Torreira will return, Maleh, Quarta and Sottil could then find more space and perhaps Ikonè who breaks through in training. Cabral, on the other hand, has to play and will be confirmed. Then, with the game going, thinking positively, there will definitely be heavy use of the bench. Of the two excellent injuries, it’s hard to think of Bonaventura for Saturday. Odriozola’s partial recovery is easier, naturally focusing on Juventus.

The imperative against Venezia is to try to resolve the game early with anger and focus and then manage resources better. An easy game that could become complicated: that’s football.

Then for Wednesday it will be another story, it is there, when there is nothing to lose that the best things can come out, especially for a team that plays good football and is in great shape like Fiorentina. But it’s time to talk about it.

Against Venezia the supporters will also be necessary and I know that I hope that the pre-vacation will not condition.

As mentioned for the Italian, the other market operations are currently frozen. Burdisso and scouting work, of course, many names have been considered and there is a very clear list of preferences, but the ranks will go further. The coach knows what he wants, the club knows what he needs and a lot of players follow and not only in South America as mentioned several times.

In order for the internal situations to be resolved, we can say that Torreira’s agent has reconnected with Arsenal to arrive at the ransom figure that satisfies the English and Fiorentina: just under fifteen million. It’ll be fine, don’t worry. Prof. Odriozola, on the other hand, I don’t feel the optimism that anyone displays. It takes a lot of money (more than twenty million) and in any case the player earns four million, like no one in Florence. Today Real pay half of them and in the future they won’t. But it’s right to leave a void and it’s also right that Fiorentina have already identified solutions.

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