Rome, abandons dog and cat without water or food: a 42-year-old man denounced

FOR RomeState Police officers from District VI of Casilino broke into an apartment in via di Forma Rotta in Borghesiana neighborhoodwhere some residents had reported the presence of abandoned animals.

The police found a dog and a cat, in pitiful conditions without water or food, locked in a dark room, malnourished and frightened. Also found a reptile house with a dead snake inside and an aquarium with bad fish. The apartment was without electricity or water because the tenant had been insolvent towards the users for some time.

On site the veterinarians took care of the dog and the cat and in a few days they will also take care of the fish. The woman who owns the animals, a 42-year-old Italian, has been reported unavailable for the crime of animal abuse. The operation was carried out in collaboration with the local police of the capital of Rome, VI Torri Group.

Rome, other police operations

During the activity, administrative checks were carried out at 3 shops in the area. In just one of them, a bar in via Albert Schweitzer, officers fined 150 euros for not posting the sign indicating the hours of switching on electronic devices with cash prizes and checking the documents of 6 people.

They carried out 10 checkpoints during which 114 people were identified, 67 vehicles were checked and 2 motorists were penalized by the Highway Code. The activity also saw the police carry out security checks on major transport infrastructure in the urban connection, in particular the line C metro station where 11 people were identified based on a sample.

In addition, the drug checks carried out, again as part of the high-impact service, have led to: the arrest of two people for the offense of drug trafficking in competition and a third seeking an execution order of imprisonment against him; two personal searches and a home search; a seizure of 9.50 grams of cocaine and 26.90 grams of hashish; a seizure of money for a value of 400 euros.

The gendarmes also carried out anti-theft services with sensitive targets such as pharmacies, supermarkets, credit institutions, shops and tobacconists. is on Google News:
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