Rsu, chaos in Ares 118 in Rome, excluding elected Ugl Salute

Rsu, chaos at Ares 118 in Rome, excluding the chosen ones from the Ugl Salute. Giuliano: “We will assert our rights everywhere”

What happened during the counting of the ballots for the RSU election under Ares 118 in Rome?

“This is what we ask ourselves – declares the national secretary of Ugl Salute Gianluca Giuliano – and above all we ask it with the appeal that we presented to the Electoral Commission that presided over the counting operations”. Which, according to the minutes sent by e-mail certified after the closing of the voting operations, had communicated to Ugl Salute the conquest of a seat with the candidate Massimiliano Scermino. “The ancients wisely said flying verba, manent scripta.

And in writing – continues the trade unionist – we have the official certification received that assigns us the seat after the count made before the entire Electoral Commission. Afterwards, take a look, we received a partial correction with the only signature of the President where 5 new votes suddenly appeared and all addressed to a single list. We were told that in the first verbalization a dictation error had been made, I quote verbatim. So suddenly there are five ballots, enough to oust Ugl Salute and award this seat, which we consider ours, to others. It is clear that there is more than something wrong with this whole affair and that is why we have filed an appeal to request the cancellation of the vote and the repetition, for Ares 118, of the consultations for the choice of the new RSU.

We did not stop in the electoral campaign in the face of intimidation and denigration, being rewarded by the health workers who made us triple the number of elected officials. We are not going to stop, especially now that we must affirm our right to represent those who chose and voted for us at Ares 118. We are ready to take all paths, and at all levels, to assert our reasons, because no one can and will be able to put a gag on our free voice” concludes Giuliano.

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