Rugby Top 10. Rovigo handsome at night, beaten Calvisano – Sport

Rovigo, April 15, 2022. In an all-rossoblù “Battaglini” stadium, coach Guidi’s guests are off to a strong start: at 4′ they find the first mark with Bronzini who manages to enter the defense of the rossoblùs and score the top five points; Hugo is precise, 0-7. The rossoblùs do not give up, at 10′ after gaining ground with a touchdown near the 22 opponents they open the oval to Moscardi who sends his teammate Borin flying into the goal, Lertora is precise, 7-7.

At 15′ it was still Rovigo who took the best, after a comeback from Bacchetti on a splendid pass from Moscardi, the rossoblù obtained a kick in favor; pick and go, after a touch on the opponents at 5 meters, Ruggeri of arrogance goes over the line. Lertora converts, 14-7. At 19 ‘another touchdown on the opposing five meters for the Bersaglieri who crush the oval again on the line with Ruggeri, this time Lortora takes the post, 19-7. At 26′, Lertora’s foot still touches the posts, after Rovigo has obtained a kick in favor and thus adds three points to the scoreboard, 22-7. At 29’ Calvisano escapes the defense of the rossoblùs with Van Zyl who, as soon as he enters, flies between the posts. Hugo from an easy position hits the posts, 22-14. In the last minutes of the first part of the match, Calvisano tries to overcome the defense of the rossoblùs in the five meters of Rovigo, but the Bersaglieri manage to recover the oval; Visentin leaves and the two teams return to the locker room with the partial result of 22 to 14.

The second half opened in the 45th minute with Hugo’s foot hitting the posts after getting a kick in favor, 22-17. Rugby Rovigo responds to the Calvisano gialloneri in the 56th minute with a free kick from Lertora which hits the posts, 25-17. At 62 Calvisano is undisciplined, yellow card to Marinello for not having closed the tackle. Exactly one minute later, Bernasconi also comes out for a yellow card, Calvisano in thirteen. At 66′ Rovigo exploits the numerical superiority, kick from Da Re and goal from Borin. From pitch Da Re it’s inaccurate 30-17. From King in the 73rd minute he has the opportunity to remedy the previous error from the field with a free kick, he does not fail, 33-17. At 81′ Rovigo goes up the pitch, touches near Calvisano’s goal line, a nice test from the Rovigo pack and Momberg will crush the oval for the goal which is worth five points. From King, he transforms and closes the game at 40 against 17.

“I’m very happy with the result,” he said. coach Allister Coetzee. At first we were a little nervous, but then we recovered and focused throughout the game, we played well. However, we faced a difficult match, they put pressure on us in the scrum, it was a very good test for us, also in view of the play-offs. We got the bonus, which gives us an advantage in the play-off grid. The best thing was the lessons learned from this game, from there we can only grow as a team. We have to improve on some mistakes, but I’m really happy with what we did on the pitch today. It’s not an ‘arrival’ for us, we have to keep working hard for the next game, our focus at the moment is Viadana. We have to play a good match next week, improve and continue like this. »

These are the trainings:
FEMI-CZ Rovigo: Borin; Sarto, Lertora (66′ Uncini), Moscardi (50′ Da Re), Bacchetti; Diederich Ferrario, Visentin (70′ Lucchin); Ruggeri, Bur (70′ Cosi), Sironi; Andreoli (36′ Steolo), Ferro (cap.); Swanepoel (77′ Pomaro), Cadorini (38′ Momberg), Quaglio (45′ Leccioli). Coetzee herds
Transvecta Calvisano: Ragusi (25′ Van Zyl), Mastandrea, Bronzini, Panceyra Garrido (cap.), Vaccari, Hugo (66′ Consoli), Albanian; Bernasconi, Izekor (56′ Grenon), Lewis (72′ Maurizi), Ortis, Van Vuren (60′ Zanetti), D’Amico (53′ Leso), Morelli (55′ Marinello), Barducci (53′ Gravility). Additional guides

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