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There are plenty of sports watches out there that take a broad approach to sports, but these new Polar watches are really made for runners. This target group is growing rapidly, as more and more people are starting to wear sneakers during the pandemic. With Polar Pacer, you get personalized advice and support, from the first mile to the marathon. Previously, Polar used the name “Pacer” to monitor the heart rate of runners and is now a series of running watches. You can train for up to 35 hours with this one, even light runners can tackle the road. This run time is valid if GPS and heart rate measurements are enabled. If you don’t do sports, the watch will last for several days.

Polar Pacer Pro for experienced runners

Previous Polar sports watches were sometimes great, but something has been done for that too. Pacer Pro is more compact and convenient to carry. Ergonomic buttons provide extra grip and can be used in any weather. The front is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.0 for added durability. The display is also easy to read in all weathers. By paying attention to the power curve on the screen, you will be able to monitor the voltage of each part and work at the correct intensity. If you don’t like the standard strap provided, you can replace it with a standard 20mm strap.

The Polar Pacer Pro is available immediately for €299.90 in Carbon Grey, Snow White, Midnight Blue and Autumn Maroon. Aurora Green will be available later this year.

Polar Smooth for beginner runners

For those who have not yet discovered the virus running, but want to start, there is the “normal” Polar Pacer. This also has Gorilla Glass 3.0 and buttons with extra grip, but offers more instructions. For example, you can start with a walk test to estimate your physical condition. This means that you will be walking for 15 minutes on a flat surface. Then there are the various training, sleep and recovery functions, which use in-house developed algorithms. After each run, you get a score based on the relationship between heart rate and speed. Based on this performance indicator, you can see how your performance is changing.

arctic arctic colors

Entertainment is also thought of: you can use various music services, receive notifications about weather forecasts and connect to many running applications. This model can be pre-ordered for €199.90 in Night Black, Cloud White, Deep Teal and Purple Musk colorways. It will be on the market in May. Then there is also a new selection of accessories and bracelets in the shop.

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It goes without saying that these sports watches address a completely different target group than the Apple Watch, where the focus is more on fitness and productivity. Pacer watches are aimed exclusively at runners – people who think of running for the first time when they wake up in the morning. You can install the Polar Flow app on your iPhone device. Install it to read and sync all data, but you can also use it with other sports apps. Previous Polar Hours as Polar Ignition Sometimes the goal was to breathe and relax, but this time it was about playing again.

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