Sale of Milan: because it remains a unique brand

The current owners have brought her back to where history wants her to be and whoever takes her over has a duty to take her even higher.

The fact that a fund of 42 billion dollars (a little less than 39 billion euros) has come forward for the possible purchase of AC Milan, on the basis of an offer which, by proceeding immediately to the conversion, exceeds one thousand one hundred million euros, in a nutshell means two things: firstly that Elliott, the other fund which currently owns the Rossoneri club, has done an excellent job of valuing an asset which it ended up owning almost by coincidence ; the second, that the Milanese brand, the brand as we say in these cases, enjoys a prestige and charm that has allowed it to emerge unscathed from almost a decade of meager results, not up to par of the glorious past.

It was, that of the Devil, a crossing of the desert which, without reaching the double relegation of the 80s, nevertheless kept him away for seven years from the Champions, the historic arena par excellence, if it is true, as it is true , that Milan was the first in Italy to win it and still today, with its 7 trophies on display, the last of which dates back to 2007, it remains the club that has won the most after the inaccessible Real. And after all, speaking of Madrid, if you happen to stroll down the Paseo de la Castellana, or change your horizon, if you glide to the sea on the Ramblas in Barcelona, ​​you find yourself talking about football and Milan in particular, according to your hypothetical interlocutor what would he remember? Li Yonghong or the “powerful” Milan of Berlusconi, Sacchi and Capello, of Franco Baresi and the Dutch?

And if, on the contrary, you are lucky enough to find yourself in Leblon, the district of Rio backed by Ipanema, and even there between a dip in the ocean and a beer, you want to talk about Milan, in your opinion about who would fall conversation ? On the great Clarence Seedorf, who ended his career in Rio with the Botafogo jersey, or on the good Suso and Bacca? Once again: Sergio Ramos and Carles Puyol’s idol was Paolo Maldini, while Leo Messi still remembers the slippery intervention with which Alessandro Nesta took a ball from under his nose in the middle of the penalty area. Even today, and despite everything, Milan is considered to be the most popular Italian club in the world, in eighth place overall in this dream ranking.

If you leave the contingent and enter this mysterious and metatechnical territory, where cheers and passion mix with cups, championships and immortal heroes, Milan is left with few rivals in the world. Elliott, it must be recognized, had the merit of having brought him home, that is to say in the Champions League. The enthusiasm had never died out, it was smoldering under the ashes, it was enough to bring the team back to good levels of competitiveness and yesterday at San Siro against Genoa there were 70,259 spectators. It makes sense that when there is the option of buying a club with this history, with this aura of legend resistant to any type of oxidation and degradation, buyers show up willing to spend outsized numbers.

And after all: how many football clubs of the same lineage are there currently on the world market? Easy answer: none. If anything, the speech to be delivered is another. And it is addressed to those who succeed Elliott: while it is true that the current owners have brought it back to where history wants it to be, the destiny of Milan is that of a winning club, which does not can just participate. It was to be the first step, very important, and the Milan fans will never thank the Singers and Ivan Gazidis enough for having climbed it, but whoever arrives (or who remains) has the duty to run to win the cup with big ears. So, for heaven’s sake, we weren’t born yesterday: we know that those who throw 1.100 million on the plate are thinking of a new stadium, rising revenues, new sponsors appearing. .. But the history of Milan, precisely because it is unique, is also very demanding: this is what every owner must deal with.


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