San Michele Salentino. Call “Sport in the parks”, financed the sports islands of the Augelluzzi park

SAN MICHELE SALENTINO – Expand the offer of outdoor sports, especially in the Augelluzzi Park, involving associations and sports clubs in the area and at the same time promoting free activities for citizens. These are the two issues that are reflected in the funding that the Municipal Administration of San Michele Salentino has obtained by participating in the national call “Sport in the parks” promoted by Sport e Salute Spa and Anci. The project proposed by the administration, sports department headed by Angela Martucci, was deemed worthy and entered the list of projects that will be co-financed.

Sport e Salute SpA and Anci have signed a memorandum of understanding which, through the “Sport in the parks” project, aims to favor municipalities for the preparation, recovery, use and management of equipment, services and sports activities in urban parks. The announcement wanted by Sport e Salute and Anci was born, in fact, in consideration of the particular health situation which has forced the closure of gymnasiums and sports centers, generating a strong demand for outdoor spaces for the resumption of sports activities in completely safe.

The Municipality of San Michele Salentino has joined the two lines of intervention, identifying the Augelluzzi Municipal Park where new models of outdoor sports will be promoted, both independently and through associations and amateur clubs local. The project, the documentation and the relative participation procedure have been followed with the professionals present within the municipal structure and in particular by dr. Fabrice Guglielmi. In the coming weeks, an agreement will therefore be stipulated between the Municipality and Sport and Health who will be responsible for drafting a public notice for the identification of the Asd/Ssd who will carry out sports activities in the proposed area.

“The Administration continues to commit itself in every way possible to expand, improve and guarantee the possibility of doing sport for all citizens – explains the councilor of the branch, Angela Martucci – I remember the 100,000 funding obtained for the redevelopment of the sports building and the 600,000 from the “Sport and Peripheries” call for tenders to redevelop the sports field where a multipurpose sports center will be built. Today, we are granting the community additional funding that will will give citizens the opportunity to indulge in outdoor sports, especially in the Augelluzzi Park which will be further enhanced thanks to local sports and sports associations and clubs.”

The candidate project for line of intervention number 2 has obtained 24 thousand euros, partly co-financed, and includes three “sports islands”, a demonstration area for events and new equipment with the participation of the local Asd/Ssd to be carried out during their own week of activities and weekends offer a program of free activities (financed by Sport and Health) aimed at different targets (children and adolescents, women, over 65s).

“We are honored by this recognition obtained through the work of Dr. Fabrizio Guglielmi and sports advisor Angela Martucci – said Mayor Giovanni Allegrini. A phase is now opening in which the Municipality and the local sports associations will be able to collaborate to produce a sports and health offer in the municipal park for our citizens. Encouraging outdoor activities is the most natural and engaging way to socialize, making up for the time of relationships and friendships that this Covid-19 pandemic had somewhat taken away. »


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