seeking health professions for women’s health

Women’s March: Searching for Health Professions for Women’s Health

Live on company social media at 5 p.m. to talk about finding women for women

Last appointment of the Hospital of Alessandria within the framework of the March Woman 2022 review, organized by the Department of Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Alessandria and by the associations and organizations present in the consultation on the equal opportunities, with a stream dedicated to the role of health professions in the Research sector.

On March 29 from 5 p.m., live on the Facebook page and the YouTube channel of the Alessandria Hospital, we will talk about the scientific research carried out by women, in particular by the nurses of the Alessandria Hospital , for women, to improve their health and well-being. The research axes and the state of the art of the activities of the health professions will be presented by Tatiana Bolgeo, Coordinator of the Health Professions Research Unit (URPS), a sector belonging to the Research and Innovation Department of Integrated Activities, led by Dr. Antonio Maconi. The main objective of the URPS is to improve the health of the citizen while maintaining the values ​​of the profession, i.e. the centrality of the patient and the sharing of clinical assistance pathways with stakeholders, always operating according to the best scientific evidence. Lorella Gambarini, director of the DIPSa, will paint a portrait of the place of the figure of the nurse in the current health landscape, also paying particular attention to the link between this profession and the female gender.

Some of the 30 clinical studies currently in progress will then be presented, taking into account the well-being of the person and the chronicity of pathologies, in particular cardiac and neurological, the relationship with the caregiver and environmental pathologies. More specifically, Simona Arcidiacono, IFO DIPSa, will illustrate the “Heart in Dyads” study, focusing on the role of women in the patient and caregiver dyad in heart disease. Elena Grassi, IFO DIPSa, will instead focus on childbirth in the age of Covid, bringing the therapeutic function of narrative medicine to the attention of listeners as well to alleviate loneliness. Finally, physiotherapist Francesca Roffredo will talk about musculoskeletal pathologies and pelvic floor disorders, presenting clinical Pilates for postmenopausal women.

Also present at the meeting, Marina Picollo, president of the women’s committee of the Red Cross of Alessandria, who will explain the activity of nurses in the rescue and emergency sector.

The event will be broadcast live on two corporate channels:

  1. Facebook page @aoalessandria
  2. the Alessandria Hospital YouTube channel

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