Seizure of 630,000 dangerous and potentially dangerous objects for health: 31 complaints (VIDEO)

The Provincial Directorate of the Guardia di Finanza of Naples, as part of an intervention plan to suppress the trade in counterfeit and / or dangerous products set up by subjects of Chinese origin, seized 630,000 counterfeit items , including accessories for the home, for the person and electronic products.

There are 16 responsible persons reported for concealment and trade in counterfeit products, 15 reported to the Chamber of Commerce for administrative violations.

In particular, the financiers of Group I, between the capital (industrial area and district of Barra), the metropolitan area (Portici) and the island of Ischia, during different interventions, seized 44,000 items including cosmetics and electronic products without CE marking or without instructions in Italian, therefore non-compliant, denouncing 4 managers and reporting 5 to the Chamber of Commerce for breaches of the consumer code.

Between the neighborhoods of San Lorenzo, Vicaria, Poggioreale and Zona Industriale, Group II, following a check against a wholesaler of household appliances and electronics, identified 2,500 counterfeit Nintendo games, denouncing the owner.

Even the “Green Basques” of the Pronto Employment Group, in the same neighborhoods as well as in the municipalities of Avvocata, Monte Calvario and Pendino, seized 166,000 “Nintendo” games with counterfeit brands and irregular CE certification.

2 officials, owners of costume jewelery and perfumeries, reported during several interventions.

The Frattamaggiore group, between the same town and Caivano, seized in two emporiums, 100,000 personal care and home care products, displayed for sale and without the necessary information note in Italian containing the indications on the quality and product characteristics of the product, reporting two managers to the Chamber of Commerce.

In Giugliano in Campania, the local Group seized, from a commercial activity run by a 43-year-old Chinese, 8 consoles playing a total of more than 2,200,000 games in violation of the copyrights of the main manufacturers (Sega, Nintendo and Sony) denunciation of the owner for offenses of concealment, counterfeiting and sale of products with illicit reproduction of software and games.

During five other interventions, the same Fiamme Gialle, between Villaricca, Melito di Napoli and Mugnano di Napoli, seized more than 6,000 items (covers for smartphones, tablets, key rings, without the minimum security requirements for the consumer or with counterfeit conformity, cosmetics without the indication of ingredients in Italian language.

A total of 6 perpetrators were reported, including Italian and Chinese citizens, and 5 others sanctioned between commercial business owners and street vendors.

In Nola, the Group seized more than 300,000 items at its headquarters, including 181,000 home products and beauty accessories, with or without counterfeit CE marking; the products have been deemed dangerous because they differ from the safety parameters, and therefore potentially dangerous for the consumer. An official of the chamber of commerce was sanctioned and denounced.

Between Castellamare di Stabia and Massa Lubrense, the Fiamme Gialle confiscated more than 3,300 miscellaneous dangerous items, including electronics and cosmetics.

All these operations are part of a broader provincial plan of activities carried out by the Guardia di Finanza of Naples aimed at combating economic and financial crimes related to the trade in dangerous and / or counterfeit products and pursues a double objective: to safeguard the economy and honest entrepreneurs, which comes with the essential need to protect the health and safety of consumers.

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