share food for free with these 4 foolproof tricks

Shopping for families has become very difficult these days. The increases in bills and gasoline leave very little budget for Italian families to be able to feed themselves.

A really difficult situation especially for the most fragile families. Consumer protection associations strongly insist on the everyday shopping has become a problem for many families.

The fault with inflation but not only. In fact the the war in Ukraine and the dreaded Russian default they literally skyrocket the price of all necessities. Therefore, food from the supermarket is also becoming more and more expensive.

Tips to put into practice immediately

Yet there are ways to save, even today. Experts point out that especially in this period it is necessary to put in place all the tricks and strategies to be able to have food at the best possible price. Let’s see together what are the tricks to use immediately. The first thing to do is certainly to avoid shopping on an empty stomach. In fact, various studies have long shown how shopping on an empty stomach causes us to buy a lot of unnecessary food that we regularly waste. The second golden tip is to use shopping lists.

The right list

Whoever uses the shopping list buys only the necessary things and avoid buying unnecessary food which then unnecessarily increases the weight of the receipt. These two tips are really valuable because they can allow you to reduce costs considerably, but there are other equally important ones.

When you are at the supermarket it is essential do not look at the price of the product per unit but at the price per kilo. In fact, it is only by looking at the price per kg that one could make a real comparison between products of different brands. Indeed, the marketing magicians that they are very capable of making a product seem practical simply by packaging it in a certain way.

Use technology

Another really crucial device is that of use apps which allow you to easily view flyers from nearby supermarkets on your smartphone. Many studies show how being a habit and always going to the same supermarket actually makes us spend more. Instead, if we take advantage of the offers available on different supermarkets, we will definitely be able to greatly optimize our costs. With these tips it is possible to greatly reduce the weight of the receipt and consumer associations strongly advise against neglecting them.

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