In recent days, the company technicians in charge of drawing up the executive project for the transformation of the old Siderno hospital into a nursing home, adapting the rooms to the different services that will have to be activated, have carried out an inspection of the structure. The “visit” was carried out with the technicians of the health company of Reggio Calabria. The leaders of the Pro Casa della Salute committee have welcomed the inspection positively and are now waiting to know what the decisions will be after the first evaluations which obviously must be studied and which will serve as a feasibility plan. “For now – said Sasà Albanese one of the Committee’s managers – the most important thing is the start of the planning process because at this stage it is clear that the company in charge has every interest in speeding up the times. The faster she gets the job done, the faster she gets paid. We – he added – will continue to be vigilant so that everything is done well and quickly because we have already lost 10 years of time and in this long period many citizens have paid dearly for the denial of the right to health ” . If so, finally the long protest of the citizens of Siderno who, in the last two years, have given life to a series of events to demand the creation of the House of Health precisely under the pressure of the Committee founded by Sasà Albanese and Francesco Martino, it begins to bear its first fruits. Now it only remains to hope that there are no other hitches and that, above all, the work of the Casa della Salute does not prevent the continuation of the little health care that is now guaranteed at the old hospital.

It is hardly necessary to recall that just a few days ago the mayor of Siderno Maria Teresa Fragomeni wrote a letter to the president of the region Roberto Occhiuto, in his capacity as ad acta commissioner, pointing out that the building currently houses the District Health offices and clinics, the Department of Prevention, Forensic Medicine, the Food and Nutritional Hygiene Service, Public Health, Sports Medicine), the Territorial Pharmacy, the Vaccination Center and the Serves. It therefore represented the opportunity, if not the necessity, that these activities continue to operate even during the work to come. Fragomeni also pointed out that the structure stands on three floors with four different entrances, and is therefore able to meet all needs, even when the construction site is open. Considerations shared by citizens who still remember with regret the closure of a hospital that was functioning well. A closure dictated by sanitary needs that over time have proven not only unnecessary but also counterproductive, linked however precisely to the commitment to quickly build the Casa della Salute. But now it is known: it is easy to delete the services, the most difficult is to reactivate them. And this must not happen again.

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