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SILAIA – The Municipality of Silea presented to the citizens the new urban improvement and road improvement works strongly desired by the Cendron Administration, on the occasion of the official start of the works.

The intervention, in addition to creating a new square for citizens in correspondence with the Church of the Madonna della Salute, a place of worship and traditions very dear to the inhabitants of Silea, will also see the redevelopment of the viability of the quadrant, which has always represented a critical point due to the T-junction. The works for the creation of the new roundabout have already started last week, to speed up the execution of the work and minimize inconvenience to local residents. The end of the work is scheduled for August 2022. The total amount of the intervention is 568,060 euros.

“Our Administration has created a work that has been in the minds and hearts of citizens for decades: we have finally been able to give substance to an idea that was almost a dream, to restore its dignity to this place of worship so dear to all territory.With this square we want to give value to the tradition and the beauty of architectures present in Sileenotably improving the viability of this crucial point for traffic”, underlines the mayor of Silea Rossella Cendron.

“It is important to highlight how the area presents itself as a strategic node not only in the viability and enhancement of urban areas, but also in underground public services. A major intervention involving the water network with an investment will be carried out in the construction area from 200,000.00 by Piave Servizi. This coordinated intervention represents an important example of collaboration between entities,” adds Ylenia Canzian, Deputy Mayor and Public Works Advisor for the Municipality of Silea.
The Church of the Madonna della Salute it is a building of which some news from 1567 configure it as a capital with the facade facing the road that leads to the hamlet of Nerbon. It was in 1837 that the construction of a new building in the neoclassical style began, continued in 1842 and completed in 1889 with the construction of the small bell tower. Recently, in the early years of the 21st century, a slight renovation was carried out which gave the building its current appearance. Currently, however, the building seems to be surrounded by road communication routes resulting in landlocked roadways that make access somewhat difficult and dangerous, especially for the elderly, especially on the occasion of the November 21 holiday and of his party.
Over the years, the traditional cemetery in front of the entrance to the religious buildings has been replaced by the communication road fork between Via Roma and Via Cendon: thanks to the new configuration of the crossroads, the road crossroads will be moved to the east behind the apse of the building, so as to recover the spaces and values ​​that had been lost over time. The realization of the pedestrian zone in the repurchased space will allow an valorization of the religious construction, underlined by a targeted choice of materials and architectural forms dedicated to the recovery.

Particular attention will be paid to the lighting of the area, achieved using LED luminaires distributed so as to have adequate lighting throughout the area. To complete the intervention, additional elements of street furniture will be used, such as the fixing of bicycle racks and rock-shaped seats located in the southern area of ​​the square.
From the road point of view, the intervention aims to ensure adequate and safe access routes to the areas served by both light and heavy traffic, limited to those authorized, made up for the most part of public transport vehicles, ensuring all traffic relations between the different directions. Throughout the duration of the work, small temporary deviations will be reported on site.

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