Since Ukraine bis, health is a strategic asset and the government defends it with special powers

In the decree published in the Official Journal, in force from today, to counter the economic and humanitarian effects of the Ukrainian crisis, special powers are also extended to companies in the health sector which will have the obligation to inform foreign buyers in order to preserve their centrality in the Italian economic fabric

The Bis Ukrainian Legislative Decree, adopted on March 18 by the Council of Ministers to counter the economic and humanitarian effects of the humanitarian and economic crisis caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war, enters into force today with its publication in the Official Gazette.


Among the innovations concerning the health sector, there is the allocation of more than half a billion euros for the reception and assistance of Ukrainian refugees arriving in Italy, the possibility for doctors and professionals of health arriving in our country to exercise the profession, but also the redefinition of the special powers of the State in the sectors referred to in article 2 of Legislative Decree n. 21 of 2012, converted, with modifications, by law no. 56 of 2012, also including the health sector among the protected persons.


Specifically, the last point extends to the health sector, in addition to communications, energy, transport, agrifood and finance, credit and insurance, the obligation to notify purchases, for whatever reason whatsoever, of participations by subjects belonging to the European Union (including those residing in Italy) of such importance that it determines the permanent establishment of the acquirer due to the takeover of the company whose participation is the subject of the purchase, in accordance with article 2359 of the civil code and the consolidated act according to legislative decree no. 58. In short, health is one of the assets considered strategic for our country and for which special powers of investment control are necessary.


The National Emergency Fund will have 380 million euros managed by the Civil Protection through unpublished orders, which will be intended to be received by 2022. In particular, the Autonomous Housing Contribution (Cas) which covers the refugee rental costs and covers up to 60,000 people for up to 90 days (it will then be refinanced); and general reception, which concerns up to 15,000 people received through the third sector, religious institutes and families. The Ministry of the Interior will receive additional resources of seven and a half million euros in 2022 intended for “the activation, rental and management of reception centers”. An additional allocation of 152 million for 2022 is planned for the Autonomous Regions and Provinces to cover a fixed contribution (still to be quantified) for access to the services of the National Health Service, for a maximum of 100,000 refugees.


And finally, for Ukrainian health professionals, it is provided that from the entry into force of the decree and until March 4, 2023, the temporary exercise of professional health qualifications and the qualification of agent socio-sanitary be authorized to professional citizens residing in Ukraine, before February 24, 2022, who intend to practice on the national territory, in public or private health or socio-sanitary establishments, on the basis of a professional qualification obtained at the abroad regulated by specific directives of the European Union.

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