Skates and model making, for 56 years Hobby Sport has put the line in Rieti

RIETI – How many Rieti can claim to have associated their name with the conquest of 19 world titles, 16 European titles and 35 Italian titles? Only Roberto Guadagno. At this point, someone will rack their brains trying to remember a Rieti athlete with that name, but can’t. In fact, Professor Roberto is the one who worked, so to speak, behind the scenes because his products “help win”. In what discipline? In skating. More precisely in the “quad” category (the one with the 4 wheels arranged in a square) by speed. But let’s go in order.

Modeling. Roberto Guadagno, former professor of mechanics at Itis “Celestino Rosatelli”, was born a fan of model aircraft, who won an Italian championship in 1966: “It was then – explains the person concerned – that I thought of open a specialized shop, but not only in model making”. Thus, two years later, taking advantage of the expertise and knowledge acquired by cultivating passion, in 1968 the “Hobby Sport” store was inaugurated in viale Matteucci, where it still resides: “It was almost prehistory – says Guadagno – the so- called neighborhood” Fiume dè Nobili “It was developing and where the Guidobaldi stadium and the PalaCordoni were built – the latter inaugurated in 1970 – it was the whole countryside”. The shop, however, was already avant-garde: in addition to model airplanes, it also dealt with model cars, remote-controlled or not, and exhibited pieces of the highest level in the showcases. we took care of the sports sector, in those years Amg Sebastiani Brina had just risen to Serie A, Alco Atletica were dominating in Italy and Europe and therefore we were supplying products for these and other sports. we also gave life to the sponsorships”.

Rollerblades. A prerogative of Hobby Sport has always been to know how to adapt, anticipating the market: “In 1980 the ice rink was inaugurated”, remembers Guadagno who, thanks to his knowledge in the field of mechanics, started in his laboratory to design the very Modern speed plates with great strength combined with exceptional flexibility to be mounted on skates and which allow the release in seconds for wheel replacement in a standing position. Already after a few months for the “Rogua” brand skates, obviously from the initials of their name, the victories began to flow: the first obtained by the skaters Giuseppe Cruciani and Giuseppe Cantarella. The long list includes an adventurous “6 Days” in South America in 1990, victory at the “World Games” in London in 1985, the Grand Prix in Tokyo and, in 1995, the awarding of the “Sports Technology Award” in Las Vegas. thanks to the victory in the world championship of the American Tom Peterson. On some Italian tracks, Rogua and his athletes still hold world records.

Formula 4. But it doesn’t stop there because, among the many activities, Roberto Guadagno, who runs the shop with his wife Mafalda and daughter Anna Vera, is also a car designer. Thus in 2007, thanks to the collaboration of Itis Rosatelli students and the engine support of the Fiat Centralmotor, a single-seater competition prototype with tubular chassis, 100 horsepower engine for a maximum speed of 230 per hour, obviously of the “Rogua” brand, which raced in Formula 4 obtaining 3 victories in the Grand Prix of Vallelunga, a 2nd place in the Italian championship and 10 victories in Formula Magione. Car which was even tested by the former Formula 1 champion Riccardo Patrese and with which young pilots who start sporting activities compete.Returning to the skates 10 years ago, after a break of 20, following requests from all over the world, Roberto Guadagno returned to produce its futuristic handcrafted skates, also advertised on the website.



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