Sleeping on the left side – that’s why it’s good for your health

youGood rest is essential to feeling good, and the habit of sleeping on the left side can even improve sleep and health.

Sleep is important for well-being, so much so that sleep on the left side it’s more than one of the possible positions to adopt when going to bed. There are those who prefer it spontaneously, but according to some theories it is recommended because it is the source of many health benefits.

In particular, according to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian traditional medicine, the sides of the body are not the same (in terms of internal benefits) and preferring the habit of sleeping on the left side has many positive effects. The benefits concern both general health and longevity.

sleep for science

the rest or sleep, is a more than important function for the physiological well-being of people. Not for nothing, he even has a day dedicated to him (March 18). Thus, the habit of sleeping on the left side is a significant recommendation. According to science, sleep is fundamental for the bodysince it is an active process, even if for us it is rather a state of “extinction” of our organism.

In fact, there is a slowing down of the physiological functions of the organism. The temperature drops, the metabolism slows down, the blood pressure stabilizes and the tissues regenerate. Useful processes are also implemented for the preservation of our cognitive functions, our immunological competence, cardiovascular protection and tissue repair. Sleeping is therefore not the simple natural mechanism that one might think.

Sleep for Ayurveda

Ayurveda (which in Sanskrit is written आयुर्वेद) is the traditional medicine used in India since Antiquity, even more widespread today in the subcontinent than Western medicine (source: Wikipedia). In an article published on JMDa scientific journal on Ayurvedic medicine, sleep is defined as “is one of the vital functions of living organisms, without which life is not possible”.

According to Ayurveda, sleeping well is the best indicator of good health. Those who do not sleep properly are affected by ailments related to lack of sleep. Obviously, traditional Indian medicine also deals a lot with sleep disorders (primary insomnia, anhydrous, etc.) and their treatment, precisely because it considers it a fundamental condition of life.

The position recommended by Ayurveda

From the concept of sleep according to traditional Indian medicine, it is easy to understand the importance of the habit of sleeping on the left side and the benefits derived from this position. According to Ayurveda, it is the best resting condition to enjoy various health benefits.
First of all, sleeping on the left side facilitates lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation to the heart and promotes the elimination of toxins, promotes good digestion and is beneficial for the flow of bile.

Lymphatic drainage

According to the principles of Ayurveda, the elimination of toxins is most effectively done by “charging” the lymphatic system on the left side of the body. The lymphatic system is essential for detoxifying our body and sleeping on the left side can help its proper functioning.


Still according to traditional Indian medicine, resting lying on the left side facilitates the passage of digestive waste through the intestine, especially to the descending colon. In this way, in the morning, the body will be facilitated in the process of elimination itself. Indeed, Ayurveda suggests lying on the left side for 10 minutes after meals to help the body digest food properly. In this way, in fact, the stomach and the pancreas would be in the ideal position to digest.


Often neglected, the spleen is on the contrary a very important organ of our body. It is part of the lymphatic system and helps filter the blood. For reasons of gravity, its work is facilitated if we sleep on the left side, because in turn, the spleen is also on the same (left) side of the body.

Other benefits

The benefits of sleeping on the left side are certainly not limited to the teachings of Ayurveda. Western medicine also tends to recommend resting on the left side, for various benefits.
For example, this position could help prevent heartburn. Even those who snore when lying on their back can find help and breathe easier.
A similar argument (including the necessary thoughts on the right pillows and mattresses) concerns people with back and neck pain: sleeping on the left side might ease the pain.


According to studies by the Nemours Foundation, an American non-profit organization dedicated to improving children’s health, sleeping on the left side is very helpful. Pregnant. According to his research, sleeping on the left side during gestation benefits circulation, prevents the uterus from putting too much pressure on the liver, improves blood flow to the uterus and kidneys, and eases the back by relieving the pain.

Have a good rest!

In the absence of precise indications, everyone can and should choose the most comfortable position for resting. If your doctor recommends sleeping on your left side for health reasons, it’s also a good idea to seek additional guidance on maintaining this position comfortably. Not for everyone, in fact, it’s an innate habit. In other words, sleeping lying on your left side is recommended, especially under certain conditions. But the fundamental aspect is to preserve your rest, which must be as comfortable as possible!

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