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by Giuseppe Marotta

Viterbese, who will host Reggiana on Sunday, will have to do without his “diez”, Domenico Mungo. And for the 29-year-old attacking midfielder, it would have been a special match: he was, in fact, born in Castelnovo ne ‘Monti (January 18, 1993), and that’s where he kicked the ball in first. This season he started the league at Teramo, and at the end of January he moved to Viterbese: he is one of the protagonists in the rise of the Giallobl├╣ club.

Domenico Mungo, this yellow card…

“Unfortunately I have been warned and I will have to skip the match against Reggiana. I am very sorry that I cannot be there, both because we are doing well and we have to do everything to finish in the best possible way, and because we are talking about one of those great games to play, an important game.”

The Reggiana that Viterbese will face?

“You have to hope to score as many points as possible, they will come here to win because they are fighting for the championship victory, but we have come from a great performance. We have collected points and wins, we have to save ourselves and every game Its very important.”

In the first leg, Viterbese snatched a point from Reggio. Here, Modena only won with a penalty in the final. You know how to assert yourself with the big names.

“From January we had an excellent championship, we were last and today we are fifth from last. We must continue with this attitude, trying to score as many points as possible”.

At home you are the team that has scored the fewest points (12), away the fifth force in the championship (22).

“I arrived in January, so I can talk about those months, since I’m in Viterbo. It’s hard to give an explanation. Our fans are making their voices heard, but I’m of the opinion that in the season finale, it’s hard to give an explanation. there is no difference between home and away, because you always have to try to score points”.

Modena at +5 on Reggiana: is it over?

“I don’t see it closed. Surely Modena has a good margin to manage. But in the last games there are no obvious things. Modena have Imolese and Pistoiese on the schedule who have to save themselves and for me it’s not will not be easy challenges”.

Who impressed you the most between the two?

“At the level of play certainly Reggiana, but if we look at the names of the two… we are talking about two great teams”.

In the event of a play-off, how do you see Reggiana?

“She will certainly leave as one of the favourites. Then, it is clear that we are talking about a formula that will see one team out of twenty-seven triumph. Then, there is a back and forth… anything can happen” .

Do you expect twists in the last four rounds?

“No sensational knockdowns, in the sense that the usual two are in first place; for third place for some time there have been Cesena, Entella and Pescara. Well, let’s say I wouldn’t mind if we from Viterbese were the surprises of this final…”.

Does he return from time to time to Reggiano?

“I have a strong bond because my brothers and their family live in Castelnovo. This year, however, I could not return because the time is short between the organization of the wedding and the house: I live in Calabria” .

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