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Support the sporting activity of children aged 6 to 16, or up to 26 in the event of a disability, through contributions paid to families in economic difficulty, thus relaunching the right to sport in a social reality that emerges from the situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. These are the objectives of “SoSport”, the tender promoted by the Municipality of Modena, with the support of the Modena Foundation, Coop Alleanza 3.0 and Bper Banca. Interested families can apply for the current sports season from Monday March 28 to Friday April 15; the announcement, instructions and forms are available online (www.comune.modena.it/argomenti/sport), where it is possible to complete the application via Spid (Public Digital Identity System) or with an ID card. electronic identity.

“SoSport” represents the evolution of the call “Sport beyond the crisis”, which returns this year, after the 2021 stop, with the 12th edition of the project. The change of name, confirming the support for the practice of sport, also wants to underline the attention paid to the value generated by the active realities of the territory, as was recalled during the press conference presenting the initiative, which took place this morning, Friday March 25, at the town hall, with the presence of Grazia Baracchi, municipal councilor for sport, Valerio Zanni, director of the Modena Foundation, Franca Bassoli, president of the regional council of Coop Alleanza 3.0, and Stefano Bonini, regional director of Bper Banca.

From 2009 to date, more than 632,000 euros have been paid in grants to nearly 5,000 children and young people enrolled in the courses and sports disciplines offered by Modena Sports, from football to less widespread realities, such as, for example, hockey and handball. . Presenting the content of the announcement, Councilor Baracchi highlighted how this action confirms “the support of the Municipality and the partners of the territory to the sports practice of young people and, at the same time, to the active sports realities in Modena: our commitment aims to ensure that economic difficulties do not represent an obstacle to the exercise of activities that also have an educational and aggregative function”. In addition, the announcement, added the city councilor, “is part of the parliamentary process, underway in recent weeks, aimed at inserting the protection of sport in the Constitution: we share the reflections on education, social and the promotion of the psychophysical well-being of “sporting activity in all its forms” .

In fact, the practice of sport, especially for children, “has a special meaning in this historical period marked by distances and obstacles to relational life – said Zanni -. There is a strong need to revive sport with its aggregative dimension, to connect people. And there is the need, to which we, as the Modena Foundation, respond with multiple actions, to support the social cohesion of our community “. Coop Alleanza 3.0 stressed, in this regard, that “support for the project will be also thanks to 1% of the value of purchases of Coop products, an initiative that allows to contribute to social, cultural and environmental projects and initiatives that the cooperative supports and promotes in the territory”. Pure “Bper Banca firmly believes in the social value of sport – observed Bonini – and our role can be important in providing families and businesses with the tools they need to face this certainly complex period with confidence. But there is also another type of responsibility, that linked to the awareness that the value created is not only economic. Supporting SoSport is therefore generating value that benefits the whole community, promoting the health of our future”.

By entering the details of the announcement, families of children registered for the current season, 2021-2022, in courses or sports activities requiring the payment of a fee can request the contribution. The contribution covers 40% of the costs incurred for at most one discipline practiced by each child, up to a maximum of €150 per child and €400 per unit and until the available resources are exhausted. The voucher can be requested for children belonging to families residing in Modena whose Isee value, valid at the time of opening the call, does not exceed 17 thousand euros.

Those who need help completing the online application can contact Net Garage in strada San Faustino 155 and via degli Adelardi (for both 334 2617216, info@civibox.it), at Net Garage in via Viterbo 80 (netgarage.letorrimodena @ gmail.com), at the Happen Youth Center, strada Canaletto sud 43 (349 6608229) and at the open counter, via del Gambero 77 (059 8775846). For more information, you can also contact the Sports Office of the municipality (059 2032714 and 059 2032918, voucher.sport@comune.modena.it).

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