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(3-4-3): Pissing; Prestia, Di Gennaro, Mantovani; Mustacchio (31′ st Pierozzi), Milanese, Ba (23′ st Palombi), Lunetta (12′ st Mattiello); Chiarello, Corazza (12′ st Marconi), Fabbrini (23′ st Kolaj). All. longo

SPAL (4-3-1-2): Alfonso; Dickmann, Capradossi, Meccariello, Celia; Zanellato, Viviani (24′ st Esposito), Pinato (40′ st Mora); Mancosu (24’st Da Riva); Colombo (24′ st Melchiorri), Vido (40′ st Latte Lath). Att. Venturato

Referee: Sozza di Seregno

Scorers: 18′ pt Corazza, 32′ pt Capradossi, 5′ st Viviani, 36′ st Marconi

Notes: 2,868 spectators (336 in the guest sector). Reserved Pinato, Ba, Vido, Colombo, Zanellato, Marconi.

by Stefano Manfredini

Spal dominates the direct clash of Moccagatta, where however Alexandria manages to break even in a daring way and now in the direct clashes they lead the Piedmontese, due to the 2-3 of the first leg. A result very close to the biancazzurri, who take at least one more step towards salvation, keeping seven points ahead of the playing area. The biancazzurri’s approach is very positive, with a corner from Viviani havoc in the Grays area and a nice vertical action involving Mancosu, Colombo and Pinato. Alexandria releases the pressure with a cross shot from Lunetta from the left which forces Alfonso to take refuge for a corner. But Spal still keeps the initiative, constructing a colossal goal-ball: Vido serves Zanellato who unloads for Colombo. It’s practically a moving penalty for the blue, who crushes the ball from the left, sending it over the crossbar. On the other hand, Longo’s team, at the first real opportunity, did not forgive: the hosts quickly struck a free kick, then Mustacchio caught up with Chiarello who in an attempt to put in the center found Viviani’s deflection. The ball lands at the feet of Corazza, who one step off the line brings Alexandria ahead. Spal’s reaction was vehement: Pisseri was doubled on a spectacular heel strike from Vido, then deflected Zanellato’s shot from the edge for a corner. However, the biancazzurri’s goal is ripe, and on Vivani’s next corner comes Capradossi’s winning shot, which equalizes the score. Before the break, Dickmann breaks through on the right and goes to range, finding the answer from Pisseri.

Spal puts the arrow at the start of the recovery with the most anticipated player: Viviani shoots a free kick from very far, finding an incredible trajectory at the intersection of the posts which surprises Pisseri. On the 1-2, after a few minutes, the biancazzurri have the possibility of closing the accounts: after a deadly restart, Zanellato only needs a ball from Colombo to push into the net, but number 9 shoots into the curve. Pinato also misses the 1-3 by putting on the side of the left winger, and nine minutes from the end Alexandria equalize. On the development of a lateral fault, Pierozzi beats Celia and hits the post, then the fastest of all is the former Marconi who signs the final 2-2.

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