Spalletti: “I hope Mertens will present me with an account. Badge? I’m sorry for one thing. About Zanoli…”

Everything is ready for Atalanta-Napoli, a match valid for the thirty-first day of Serie A which will be played tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. at the Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo.

Below Luciano Spalletti’s press conference before Atalanta-Napoli:

“Atalanta-Napoli? Matches of those who look you in the eye and if you look down… you’re done. Probably a game or a fake won’t be enough to win it. But it will be 95 minutes of real doors, answering blow by blow”.

“Mancini did a good job, so it’s clear there are things to improve, but as always. You always have to go in search of the new. We are certainly behind in terms of stadiums and structures, because then to work well, you need structures. A country that functions necessarily has excellent infrastructures”.

“A good youth sector is not judged by the ‘tournaments’ they have won but by the young people who have managed to make a name for themselves in the world of top-level football”.

On Gasperini and absences

“Gasperini is certainly one of those good coaches. Just look at Atalanta’s journey and congratulations can be extended to all of Atalanta, even for the renovated stadium. If we are here, it’s because we managed to win with the team not complete and if we succeeded 2-3 times we could even do it 5-6 times. if you don’t give us any state of emergency, we are happy. We are well.”

On Di Lorenzo’s injury and his possible replacement

“Zanoli from the second training at Dimaro I imagined him starting in a match against a strong team like Atalanta. It was already clear after the second training session. We also have Malcuit which has recovered. We are able to fill the role and have many of Di Lorenzo’s qualities, perhaps to complete as only a few come up to Di Lorenzo’s level. »

On Insigne’s psychological conditions

“Lorenzo every time he comes into the locker room I always see him the same way. They say he’s someone who can be upset depending on what happens to him. Maybe that’s the case, but from the way he behaves with us, you can’t see it at all. Lorenzo is always good, kind and helpful with everyone, then in training sometimes he also shows things he doesn’t do on the pitch and that’s a big disappointment“.

“When you say you become what you love… he became a Neapolitan because he loves this city. Tomorrow he also has to prove to Ciro Romeo what his father is made of, now he has that extra fan Besides, few foreigners in the history of Italian football have integrated like him. I hope that tomorrow I will present the invoice for all the times that I did not choose it and he could have played, also because when you have to face a team like this, you always penalize someone. Dries is the player who can change the fate of a match, he is a professional, in training he always encourages his teammate who made a mistake, he is one of the leaders in our dressing room.”

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