Spanish Super Cup in Arabia: Stung in the storm

“Eight million at Real and Barça, you keep 6 kilos…”. El Confidencial publishes the interceptions between the Barcelona defender-manager and the number one of the Rubiales federation

From our correspondent Filippo Maria Ricci

A massive scandal threatens to overwhelm Rfef, the Spanish Football Federation. The online newspaper El Confidencial has had access to documents stolen from the Federation led by Luis Rubiales which reveal the agreement between the federal president and the Kosmos Holding of Gerard Piqué, a company which also organizes the Davis Cup chaired by the player of Barcelona and owner of Andorra, a club that plays in the third series, in First Rfef, to bring the Spanish Supercup to Saudi Arabia, a business accompanied by millionaire commissions.

The complaint

There are audios and emails and documents. And they leave little to the imagination. Last week, the Spanish federation warned that confidential material had been stolen and that a newspaper had contacted them and said they had received the material and wanted to publish it. And so it was. The publications will continue, and in the week leading up to the celebration of the Copa del Rey final, organized by the Federation, the position of Rubiales seems in great danger.

The agreement

At the end of 2018, Pique proposed to Rubiales to extend the Spanish Super Cup to four teams, the first two of La Liga and the finalists of the Copa del Rey, in an attempt to obtain a better television contract. Rubiales accepts and begins the search for the stadium. First in Spain, but Pique immediately clarifies that with his contacts he could bring the tournament to Saudi Arabia. We start with the Bernabeu, but Madrid say no. From the Casa Blanca, they made it known that they would rather go west and not east if the tournament leaves Spain, and they won’t move for less than €8m. The figures are established: 8 million in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​2 at Atlético, one in Valencia. And 4 million euros to Kosmos for each of the 6 years during which the tournament will take place in Saudi Arabia. These details emerge thanks to an audio message sent by Pique to Rubiales which is circulating on social networks. And it’s not the only one. The federation would receive at least 6 million euros, and this is not a detail because the Rubiales contract includes a fixed part and another variable linked to RFF’s income. The agreement In August 2019 the agreement is ready, but the filtration puts it in danger: we learn of the choice of Saudi Arabia, and Rubiales is suddenly afraid of the ethical repercussions of transferring the competition to a country where the penalty of death and women are severely discriminated against. Pique convinces the president that it would now be worse to back down, and we move on. Until the signing, Rubiales sending a triumphant message to the Barcelona player. And that then comes in to unblock the payment to Kosmos, which was blocked. Also in the summer of 2019, Andorra was awarded the Segunda B spot vacated by Reus: Pique’s side went through the office from the fifth to the third series of Spanish football, jumping one step .

40 million

As revealed by Confidencial, the Federation concluded a contract worth 40 million euros per season, much more than the 25 million euros initially mentioned, which obviously had a significant multiplier effect on the salary of the president. . Who will now have to offer his version and defend himself against very serious accusations. Awaiting the possible publication of new documents.


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