Specialty-Pisa, here are the chefs of D’Angelo – sport

by Francesco Paletti

Torregrossa in front. Leverbe (and Caracciolo) behind. In between are Nagy, Beruatto, Mastinu and Sibilli. It is the “skeleton” of Pisa, that of the essential (or almost). Each for a different reason. D’Angelo doesn’t look at the numbers, he’s always said it: he trusts the eye and the wrist more, the Nerazzurri coach. But, with more than four-fifths of the championship behind them, numbers and perceptions tend to converge and reinforce each other. Torregrossa

He arrived in January, but he is already a leader and charismatic. The Pescara coach moved him forward a few meters from the past, placing him in the heart of the penalty area. And that’s how he became “Torregol”, the one who has already scored six times but above all who finds the goal with impressive ease: there are 11 conclusions in the mirror of the Nerazzurri striker, one every 59 minutes. Then there are Lucca (20) and Sibilli (13) who hit the target more often simply because they played more.

The verb

In Serie B, he is the strongest defender. This can also be understood with the naked eye, as the figures confirm: 146 “decisive interventions”, one every 19 minutes played. No one has done better. Not even his twin Caracciolo, who is in any case permanently in the top five of the category: fifth place with 104 “saves” in the last sixteen meters, one every 106 minutes.


In front of the strongest central couple of B, there is therefore the Hungarian. Metronome and balance needle of the Nerazzurri midfield, but also one of the best bans in all of Serie B: 50 balls recovered from the former Bristol, one every 40 minutes. He is one of the four strongest in the cadet championship.


It’s on the outside corridors that Pisa hurts. On the left, especially where Juve school talent is rampant and where, from January, Mastinu also began to unleash his enormous talent. Velvet foot for both and the data confirms it: 24 magnetic crosses at the head or at the feet of a Nerazzurri for the first, the highest figure in absolute value. The Sardinian midfielder, however, does even better if possible: the centerers are “only” 14 because he played half-time. The average, however, is one every 80 minutes targeting a Nerazzurri. The highest number among D’Angelo’s men. And on the other hand, we must not forget Birindelli: 22 crosses in 2,082 minutes played.


Similar speech in assists: Pisa hurts especially from the left-handed corridor. Once again Beruatto is the one who has packed the most (43), the Sardinian midfielder the one with the highest average (one every 41 minutes). Obviously, while waiting for Benali.


The “kid” is fundamental to creating numerical superiority. Because in one against one it’s devastating: when the opposing defender bets it’s almost a sentence. 39 successful dribbles so far, one every 38 minutes played.

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