Spezia, more than a thousand tickets sold in two hours – Sport

by Fabio Bernardini

The fever of La Spezia fans is rising for Spezia-Venice, scheduled for Saturday April 2 at the ‘Picco’. Yesterday afternoon, with the opening of the free presale, many rushed to buy the precious tickets to watch the match: in just two hours, more than a thousand tickets were purchased, in addition to the 2949 subscriptions taken out at the time. The motto of white supporters is relevant: “Every day let us remember that there is another society to win all together”. In addition to the scooter ride, there will be incessant singing accompaniments at the stadium, accompanied by the waving of new flags that will look good in the Ferrovia curve and on the steps (the band SonĂ  per le Aquile at work). The emotional pathos of the big match also affects the technicians and the players, yesterday morning at work at the “Peak”. To ease the tension and further cement the squad, fledgling goalkeeper Petar Zovko, who turned 20 yesterday, was jokingly celebrated by his team-mates with a plaster shower ahead of the session. Yet another display of group unity: Zovko, despite never having played, is well-liked by his teammates for his emotional participation in matches, always in the front row cheering on the team and celebrating wins.

The training session was dedicated to possession, with the usual final match in which the technical-tactical measures to oppose Venezia were tested. Although Spezia can play for two out of three results, the goal is that of the victory which, against Venice, at the ‘Picco’, has been missing for 33 years, that is to say since December 30, 1989 when the popular Santo Perrotta scored the goal with his leading the 1-0 success. On the sidelines, an eye also on the performances of the eight eagles engaged in the national selections: Colley played in the last days holder during the match Chad-Gambia (0-1), idem Reca during the friendly match Scotland-Poland (1- 1), Kiwior and Podgoreanu in the Aiglons Israel-Poland U21 derby (2-2). Yesterday, however, only Nikolaou won the Romania-Greece friendly match, while Strelec replaced Duda in the 67th minute during the Norway-Slovakia (2-0).

Finally, the sale of mini subscriptions for matches against Inter, Lazio, Atalanta and Napoli continues at a good pace. 2391 “loyalty programs” have already been signed with which fans will be able to attend matches without problems to obtain tickets (in particular for the matches against Inter and Napoli, many visiting supporters are announced) and at prices that are not not increased. For the last four league matches, the white club has indeed planned an increase in the prices usually charged, hence the interest in subscribing to mini subscriptions. Only former Eagle Card subscribers and holders will be able to buy mini passes, for those who do not have a loyalty card it is possible to request it at the ‘Picco’ ticket office on March 28, 30 and 31, from March 17 to 19.

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