Sport and relaxation, a corner of the Caribbean in Civitavecchia

A corner of the Caribbean in the heart of Civitavecchia. And the Paddle Village of the city of Lazio. 70 kilometers from Rome is a club that seems projected into the future. “Whoever comes to play in our fields is catapulted into another dimension. At least that’s what they tell us…”. talking is Gino Tidei, 41 years old, owner of the center born not even a year ago. The Padel Village was inaugurated last July, but it has already become a point of reference in this corner of Lazio, and is a candidate to become one of the most beautiful in the national scene. Almost exotic atmosphere, eight pitches, four of which will be covered at the end of September. Two more will see the light of day by 2022. And then: woods, palm trees, glass, banana trees, straw parasols. “It looks like an oasis”, underlines radiant Tidei, happy for the “creature” built with his wife and some friends. All driven by an overflowing passion. “It’s an abnormal circle, it feels like a vacation – said Tidei -. Padel is played, there is a bar, a restaurant, a pizzeria, the club house. I am from Civitavecchia and I am happy to have given the opportunity to make my reality known also at national level. We are unique in Italy, today there is no other club like this from an architectural point of view. It may even be too much for Civitavecchia, in the sense that such a club would be fine even in a big city”.

Padel Village figures

The Padel Village has great numbers. In a space of 15 thousand square meters of land there is a school with 10 masters, about sixty children enrolled in padel lessons, “We work from 8 a.m. until 1 a.m. in the summer. Those who come here leave everyday life behind. It’s not a “parking lot for players” where you arrive and leave after an hour, here it’s the opposite”. And there are other big projects in mind. “In 2023, we want to build two swimming pools and a grandstand for a thousand people”. And ideas that are already standing. “An amateur championship is underway with Serie A, B and C, the largest in Italy, with 240 players and 120 couples, a tournament that includes promotions and relegations every year with the first four of the top category arriving in Champions League. Yes, because we want to create an international annex with a final tournament in Madrid for the best couples, paying hotel and plane. Then in April begins the mixed Italian Cup, there are already 50 registered couples. These figures in a small provincial reality are incredible. In addition we will have an open tournament in mid-June.”. With a big dream in the drawer: “We hope to host a Grand Slam stage soon, we have room for international competitions. Maybe, who knows … One day I would like to see the Padel Village a Juan Lebron and Paquito Navarro”.

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