“Sport and the future” Mauro Berruto guest of the ACADEMY.

Welcome to Spring ! Finally, like every year, we moved the hands of our watches forward and gained an additional hour of light.

So, with computers off and time stamps stamped, we can enjoy precious time again, to relax, take a walk or jog in the park – in short, to enjoy the long sunny days that increasingly hold us often company.

Because sport, as you know, is not just a faithful ally to pass the costume test to come with flying colors. After a long period of standing work, or sitting at a desk, sport is also and above all the perfect opportunity to decompress, get out of stress and feel really good about yourself (unsurprisingly, the Latin poet Juvenal wrote in his Satires that Mens sana in corpore sano). And if in recent years many of us have already had to rethink the way we do sport, what about the future that awaits us? As in so many other sectors, the future of sports activity seems inextricably linked to technology – and let’s not just think of the countless apps and video tutorials that have allowed us to train at home for some time now. Even for professional athletes, gadgets, tools and even clothing that aid performance already exist today – from smart helmets that monitor traumatic injuries to goggles with screens that show, among other things, the number of blows and the cardiac frequency.

And for all those who enjoy zapping as a sport, don’t worry!

In fact, a growing number of sports broadcasters have started offering virtual and augmented reality experiences, through which fans and supporters around the world can interact with content in person and feel part of the action.

In short, there really is something for everyone – and despite the evolutions and revolutions, we are sure that nothing will ever replace a nice swim in the waves of the sea, nor the thrill of seeing ours live for the first time. .

Anyway… Since today we talked about sports, what better voice to deepen the subject than that of our next guest?

Mauro Berruto, born in 1969, with a degree in philosophy, quickly met his destiny: for five years he was coach of the Italian men’s volleyball team, and for two years DT of the national Olympic archery teams. Meanwhile, Berruto certainly hasn’t forgotten his roots. In fact, for two years he served as CEO of Scuola Holden, and is still a columnist for Future And The paper.

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