‘Sport at school’ for eight thousand News to come with European funds

“Good news which is a step closer to the goal”. Thus, the councilors for sport Cosimo Guccione and education Sara Funaro comment on the signing, by Minister Bianchi, of the decree on the endowment which gives the green light to a novelty provided for in the last budget law: from next year in primary school, didactic activities are integrated with the presence of the physical education teacher. It will start in September with behind the scenes.

“In Florence we have played in advance – pointed out Guccione and Funaro – the municipality has taken a leap forward by taking advantage of part of the European React-Eu motor science funds which, once a week, involve boys and girls in the most diverse disciplines: from volleyball to basketball, from ping-pong to dancing, including games designed to promote movement”.

In our city, 22 comprehensive schools have joined the municipal plan to relaunch motor activity in primary schools in Florence with specialized personnel.

The “Sport at School” project involves more than 8,000 students in 433 classes and is implemented thanks to European funds from the European Union’s React-Eu as part of the “Pon Metro” (a plan that uses European resources intended for metropolitan cities) and an agreement signed with the regional directorate of schools in Tuscany.

Yesterday the two councilors, together with the president of district 5 Cristiano Balli, were at the Matteotti school in viale Morgagni, one of the institutes that participate in the project for all children of the third year and for children of the first in the fifth year. with special needs and o a disability. With them, the director Silvia Mauri.

The activity takes place during school hours in gymnasiums or in adapted spaces within the schools of the city until June and for the whole of the next, from October to June, with an investment of 600 thousand euros . The objective is to introduce children to as many disciplines as possible through the practice of “sports games” as an educational form of aggregation and inclusion. The participating classes are 433 in number: 31 in Q1, 79 in Q2, 71 in Q3, 103 in Q4, 149 in Q5.

The courses will see teamwork between the teachers holding the class and the professionals made available by the sports realities of the region, with the supervision of the latter, the school principals, the regional school office of Tuscany and the municipal sports department. “We have seen firsthand, with the councilors Sara Funaro and Cosimo Guccione, the importance and the goodness of the project – explains the president of district 5 Cristiano Balli – that the municipal administration has activated in almost all the elementary schools of the district. physical activity of third-grade children, in addition to declared children, is important as a path to growth”.

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