Sport at school: physical education enters primary school from September

Rome – Here the turning point that many hoped for in the world of sport. This opportunity to bring the practice to school and from the first years of childhood. This was not the case until now. Physical education it entered the daily curriculum only in older grades. Now give it first class sport can be practiced.

It’s an era that is closing and a new one that is opening, come and change the habits and lives of students. The decision came from the government e Valentina Vezzali, Under-Secretary for Sports, enthuses: “A historic event for primary school and for education in general”. The announcement of the insertion of the hour of gymnastics in the first year came during the discussion of the finance law in Parliament. Vezzali comments on this, as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport: “The introduction of the teaching of physical education in primary school, entrusted to specialized teachers, represents a result expected for more than 60 years. This is a key point for a cultural and sporting revolution in our country”.

The aspect that marks the change, published in the last hours by the decree of the Ministry of Education, together with that of the Economy, is the future integration of 2247 physical education teachers who will enter primary school in September. He will start in the fifth, then in the following school year, that of 2023/2024, he will be the fourth to start practicing at school. This step did not seem so obvious. The finance law itself had canceled the indication of economic coverage for this new project. A plan strongly desired by Vezzali and which she herself had presented to the Minister of Education last December.

The reports of the Gazzetta dello Sport“The Ministry has redesigned the workforce map and has also included in the estimate of needs the 2,247 places that will be part of the 191,260 teachers employed in the fifth year. The classes affected will be 24,693. For those with normal time, the two hours of physical education will be additional, for full-time children it will be included in the current timetable. Primary physical education is a subject provided for by the legal system, but its teaching has been delegated over the years to tutors, personalities outside the staff, often working indirectly, training teachers and teachers for this area didactic. The project, born under the name of “motor literacy” with Coni in 2009, was inherited by Sport and Health and is now called Active Kids School. It will cover all the other classes while waiting for the specialist teachers to enter all the classes”.

The objective towards the absolute practice of sport for all classes is slowly approaching. But the stage of hiring these new teachers is still missing. It looks like it won’t be in time for September, as the deadlines have gotten longer. Everything had to take place within two months of the publication of the announcement, after the decree was approved, and therefore it will not be possible to implement it by next summer. In the meantime, this is one of the problems to be solved. The other seems to be “technical content” that new teachers will work onsports for young students. Organizational doubts are heightened by the fact that the pandemic has kept many children away from sports.

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