Sport beats the Covid, fitness spaces are coming – Chronicle

There is the desire to be outside, after the endless months between confinement first and smart work pushed later. The pandemic has upset many habits and created new needs. dramatically increasing the importance of gym spaces in the city’s public parks. Thus, the Municipal Administration of Empoli, also inspired by the ideas that emerged in the Sports Council Commission, yesterday inaugurated the two “fitness areas” in Piazza Toscanini and Via Valtellina , with the boys of some classes of the high school Il Pontormo, who for two hours between one and the other they measured themselves with tools. And it is immediately the satisfaction of the deputy mayor who promoted the initiative and followed all the phases of the works: “living urban greenery is good for all ages – says Fabio Barsottini -. With this conviction we wanted to invest and we will continue to do so in the coming years to improve the dating of recreational and sports equipment in all parks. These types of investments are making Empoli an increasingly beautiful and easy-going city, with an eye on the families and children of Empoli”.

Also present was the sports advisor Fabrizio Biuzzi: “alongside the traditional systems, we are thinking about new ways of doing sports. And these new ways are called fitness zones – he explains -. In Europe North, they’ve been around for a while now. We’re adapting. Which is a bit like the concept of sports when we were kids, the one we did in the gardens below the house. But reused in a modern way”.

The manager of Il Pontormo, Filomena Palmesano, said: “Sports activity is essential for the growth of students and being able to offer them equipped spaces outside the school during the hours of physical exercise is also a excellent opportunity to discover the region. “.

And now the numbers. The fitness area in Piazza Toscanini costs 15,000 euros, that in Via Valtellina 13,000,500 euros, both plus VAT. There are machines designed for the youngest, but also some for those who are a little older. The municipal administration project does not stop there. It is more organic and allows similar areas to be inserted in other areas of the city as well.

Two football goals will be placed in Piazza dei Cavalieri in Havana, which will replace an old gate that has now been removed due to deterioration. According to the administration, two baskets will also be placed at the edge of the already present sidewalk to create a play area complete with lines to give an urban sports imprint to the entire Avanese Park. All for a total cost of 12 thousand euros plus VAT. The sport is also practiced at Mariambini Park where there is a field and which will be integrated with fitness equipment at an estimated cost of around 12 thousand euros. New football gates also in the Cascine park, cost around 200 euros, and a parkour course in Ponte a Elsa, to give young people the opportunity to practice emerging sports. Here the expenses are more substantial, we are talking about 100 thousand euros.

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