Sport, culture, school, health: 300 thousand euros and 28 projects to relaunch the Apuan territory

MASSA-CARRARA – Navigating and surfing without barriers, drones for future surveyors, urban regeneration through street art, the reconstruction of an old garden of the Capuchin friars, an ambulance for animals, “mountain therapy” activities, but above all the support for various projects of many schools in Carrara and Massa. Here are some of the 28 projects selected by the Marble Foundation for the “2022 Disbursement Notice”, which aims to provide grants to support the implementation of initiatives of preeminent value and interest in the region , also taking into account the principles of “taking charge” and “recovering and reviving” the community after the Covid-19 pandemic. Each of the selected projects will receive funding, for a total of 291,000 euros, therefore a higher budget than expected. Indeed, the sum initially allocated by the appeal was 250,000 euros, but the members of the Foundation decided to make a new economic effort to respond to a greater number of requests.

“And for that I thank them one by one – explains the President of the Onlus Marble Foundation, Bernarda Franchi – because they have concretely demonstrated that, in this difficult phase due to the consequences of the pandemic that we have not yet overcome and the effects of the international crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, we all have a duty to support our community. In particular, I find it important that with social and cultural support initiatives, our Foundation pays particular attention to the world of school and training, because it is from our girls and our boys that the future of the whole territory of Massa Carrara”.

In the Education-Training sector (total €61,945), priority was given to training and research projects, with attention to both technological and digital innovation and tradition. In almost all cases, the projects were fully funded.

For the Enhancement, promotion and development of the territory area (84,000 euros), the Foundation wished to support proposals linked to local identity, from musical and sporting events to the artistic and cultural programming of museums and the Académie des Beaux -Arts, naturalism recovery of secular spaces for the enhancement of monuments and places that have become community symbols.

The Health + Social + Inclusion area (137 thousand euros) instead includes the purchase of machinery for diagnostic interventions, emergency veterinary assistance, support for integration and socialization activities for people with disabilities , sport for young people and for the disabled, help for vulnerable people and the defense of women in difficulty. The Marble Civilization sector (8,000 euros) is developed as an activity linked to the production and artistic tradition of marble, for a project officially included in the Unesco-Creative City Action Plan.

“We have decided to finance specific projects that can contribute to the training of young generations, support the activities of hospitals and the many associations that take care of the most fragile and the most deprived: teamwork, synergy are the values ​​on which to bet for the development and the social, economic and cultural growth of the territory – explains Franchi -. We have bet a lot on the new generations, by financing school-work alternation training, academic and professional training and scholarships to reward merit but also to bridge economic and social inequalities. We also considered it important to support a more structural intervention concerning primary schools in the municipality of Carrare to meet the strict needs of school buildings. »

Since last year, the Foundation has chosen to approach non-profit organizations directly, in order to respond more directly to the needs of the community expressed by cultural and social organizations that work directly in their sector of reference. Below are the grant recipients and related projects funded.

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