SPORT- €1 million to expand to broaden the audience for the three-year program for sport

SPORT – A nice change for sports clubs that have concessions less than 6 years old for their facilities. Today, in fact, the deliberation of the Regional Council, currently being examined by the Regional Council, relating to the lifting of the constraint which, in fact, prohibited them from participating in the announcement of the “three-year plan 2020-2022 of sports facilities and for the promotion of sports and physical-motor activities”. The new call, which would see an additional endowment of funds estimated at more than 1 million euros, could also participate in all these realities (very numerous in particular in the Turin region) excluded from the previous limitation.

In addition, the Fund for the integration of people with disabilities has been signed, an initiative that will lead to the allocation of nearly 4.5 million euros which will aim to promote the integration of people with disabilities. through the creation or requalification of infrastructures, the redevelopment of semi-residential structures, the organization of support services and professional and sports integration services.
The fund, allocated by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Office of policies in favor of people with disabilities, amounts, for the Piedmont Region alone, to 4 million and 320 thousand euros, funds which will be distributed as follows: 470 thousand euros to make recreational sports equipment and activities accessible, 2 million 50 thousand euros for the redevelopment of semi-residential structures, 1 million 800 thousand euros for services in the sports sector and professional integration services .

Today’s is a first step, subject to prior approval by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, of regional planning and then of the budget variation aimed at integrating credits.
“Thanks to these funds, our region will be able to take another step towards the total accessibility of sport and, thanks to the request for modification of the three-year sports program, it will be able to offer a new investment opportunity also to all those sports clubs with facilities granted for less than 6 years Breaking down the barriers that keep people away from sport is essential and disability must not become an insurmountable problem when it comes to doing physical activity. to do, but the Region has always had a priority look at the issue of accessibility and the improvement of equipment. We have demonstrated this with the numerous grants aimed at securing sports facilities and with attention to mass sport” says the regional sports councilor Fabrizio Ricca.

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