Sport, education and health in 80 hectares of woods, ok with program agreement

For the majority of the city council, the Bosco dello sport in Tessera is a project that will make Venice a European city. The minority, on the other hand, believe that citizens, after two years of Covid and the uncertainty of war, have matured into different priorities, and are now demanding houses, cheaper energy sources, transport and public services. . The investment of 283 million euros, between municipal, state and European resources, in the project of the metropolitan sports complex in the name of social cohesion, once again divides the assembly, and after the rejection of all the amendments of the opposition, the fracture is final. With 21 votes for and 12 votes againstthe city council, in its session on Thursday, approves the program agreement which provides the mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, with the address to convene the conference on services with the metropolitan city.

The process

In the Metropolitan City, there is the verification of the consent to continue the agreement, then the publication of the text in the Praetorian register, the transmission to the Municipalities for opinion and to the interested parties for the expropriations, before the definition of the technical methods. economic feasibility project. Since the construction of the multifunctional complex dedicated to professional and amateur sports, education, health and entertainment, requires a alternative to municipal planning tools (territorial development plan, intervention plan, municipal regulatory scheme), the procedure provides obtaining the regional Vas (Strategic Environmental Assessment) and all notices (plumbing, safety, etc.) necessary for the variant itself. In short, for example, the change in the plan of interventions on the surface of the project led to planning the displacement of all the factories on a single part of the quadrant and the concentration of all that has commercial vocations, accommodation, production and management, in the Casino area. In the operation, the city councilor for the Environment explained Massimiliano DeMartin and Municipality Director Danilo Gerotto, 600,000 cubic meters of production use were removed and the sports complex was moved further north to meet ENAC guidelines for the airport’s third runway. Downstream of all this is the validation of the projectafter the last meeting of the municipal council at the end of the process.

The discussion

The opposition, with the aedile Marco Gasparinetti of the Terra e Acqua group, opens the Council with a preliminary ruling, in an attempt not to launch the discussion on the program agreement. “We sign a check to buy a designer handbag without knowing if it is covered – he begins – On the money of the PNR (93 million) the Ministry of the Interior must express itself, concerning the mission of social cohesion, and Europe on the green light for the funds. In addition, there are mortgages, and mortgage interest which we do not know how much they will reach”. Preliminary ruling rejected with reasons by the Deputy President of the council, Paolo Romor. “In this phase of the project (programme agreement) it is premature and inappropriate to verify the financial coverage”, which will only take place after the ratification of the agreement, 30 days after the last meeting of the conference of services.

“Three hundred million cannot be used in this way – says the adviser Giovanni Andrea Martini of “The whole city together!”, which wrote a letter to the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, and to the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini -. We have to stop the project, we need another project idea for a real transition”. “It is such a critical period for Venice that the PNR is a unique opportunity to counter the effects of the pandemic with structural interventions. Sports equipment is not the solution to the city’s problems”, declares the city councilor dem, Alessandro Baglioni. “The intervention will cost 1,500 euros per family – argues the leader of the Pd group, Monica Sambo – subtract resources for major investments on three pillars that we consider fundamental: the home, the environment and work. It is a question of priorities, for us public resources are used to finance interventions that give a future to this city, and not to finance projects which should rather be carried out with the participation of individuals”. “The usual” Pay Pantalone “- says the leader of the green and progressive group, Gianfranco Bettin – that is to say, citizenship, which sees the resources necessary for urban and industrial regeneration, the right to housing and work, energy and ecological change used, abused, for a derisory greatness that makes prestige and the quality of a city with its size of a stadium”.

In opposition there are those who accept to carry out the project, but think that it is financed differently, in particular with the contribution of the private sector, so as not to use exclusively public resources. “I support and appreciate the project – says the adviser Cecile Tonon of Venice is yours – even more with the 80 hectares of forest, but I don’t see why excluding the public-private partnership, using the unconstrained municipal budget surplus (91 million euros) for other purposes. Let’s not forget – he adds – that the Penzo Stadium, due to its historical, traditional and emotional value, will always remain in the center of Venice. Why create a competing stadium? “. He thinks otherwise Sara Visman, 5 star adviser. “The operation is a pirouette game and serves to make the Casino pay the debts it has to the Municipality, as was the case with the purchase of the Casino Lido with the money from the special law. In addition, the “pedagogical” part of the Bosco dello sport, that is to say the campus and the sports high school, is not financed, while the wooded area is not a rehabilitation, since the area is already agricultural”.

There are those who fear that the reduced volume of the Bosco dello sport, 600,000 cubic meters, will leave their hands free to be able to carry out hotel and commercial projects. “The municipality loses them, the private sector wins them – he argues Gianluca TrabuccoGreen and progressive Councilor – The territory is agricultural, the consumption of the land is undeniable”, and the only association which took part in the Council agrees on this, the Former Umberto Primo committee by Monica Coin. “We are instead using these funds to repair the old hospital pavilions, which are falling apart. What kind of deterioration is there to counteract on Tessera’s face? The crime rate is also non-existent”, which Europe would consider as a reason for a commitment of the PNR. “We ask all citizens, through the assemblies, if they consider the citadel of sport as a priority”, suggests the mayor of the Democratic Party, Paolo Ticozzi.

And find the Wall of the Honorable and Councilor of the League, Alex Bazzaro. “The sports complex is part of the program with which Mayor Luigi Brugnaro confirmed his second term, to question it is undemocratic. I would be surprised if the administration does not carry out the project, it would be betraying the will of the voters”. “The opposition now wants individuals but in the past they refused the construction of the Zamparini stadium – comments Councilor Fuchsia, Matteo Senno – The structures we have are not suitable: Baracca cannot even play Serie C matches, Taliercio cannot host the Euroleague, Penzo had the exemption to play Serie A only thanks to a race against the clock of Venezia Fc in harmony with the administration. And then you have to consider the jobs created, direct and indirect, in a project that goes hand in hand with investments for amateur sport”.

“The interventions on 18 sports facilities in the metropolis, the islands and Venice are about to start”, declares the deputy mayor Andrea Tomaello – Adequate spaces are needed for the top level, giving life to small businesses. And then Venezia Calcio expressed their appreciation for the project and it confirms that they will play Penzo until there is nothing else. Even Mestre wants to go and play at Tessera”.

What the project provides

The Bosco dello sport project, to which approximately 93,581,321 euros will be allocated from the PNR and 189,918,678 euros in co-financing from the Municipality of Venice, provides for:

• Bosco dello sport, green and landscaping works: awooded areaan element of naturalistic connection and enhancement of biodiversity, with the function of primary ecological corridor.

Arena: for indoor sports and shows, which can accommodate up to 10,000 people seated.

Stadium: work designed mainly for football but also for other sports, such as rugby, sized for 16,000 spectators seated and indoors.

Educational spacesport and health: a space in which public and private can interact in the construction of sports facilities of different sizes (for example an Olympic level swimming pool), an educational space for study cycles at different levels and a space dedicated to health and sports medicine, which may also be used for subsequent extracts and will be the subject of subsequent agreements and funding.


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