Sport: from the 2 million Region to amateur realities

The procedures that led to the allocation of the 2 million euros of support contributions for the ordinary activities of 2021 of the regional commissions and delegations and the Lombard amateur sports associations and clubs have been concluded. “These are non-refundable sums – specifies Antonio Rossi, Regional Under-Secretary for Sports, 2026 Olympics and major events – which contribute, sometimes decisively, to covering the management costs of many realities which, with their sporting and social commitment , are the basis of the many sporting successes achieved in recent years by Lombard athletes and teams”.

“The 2021 call – underlines the multiple Olympic champion – has been a real success, thanks also to the innovations that have facilitated and accelerated the submission of the candidacy. I am also happy that we have managed to shorten the deadlines for the allocation of funds and publication of the lists. The sums provided, in fact, can be disbursed in a single payment from the end of May to the beginning of July”.

Sports Fund: The Realities at Play

Of the two lines of credit provided for in the call, the first was reserved for Regional Committees / Delegations of National Sports Federations, Associated Sports Disciplines, Sports Promotion Bodies, recognized by CONI or by CIP, with registered office and / or operational in Lombardy. The measure provided for up to a maximum of 5,000 euros in regional contributions: 16 companies that obtained the regional economic benefit for a total of 77,000 euros.

The second line of credit provided for in the call, that of a maximum of 2,000 euros, was divided into three categories: A, B, C. The first, A, includes amateur sports associations and clubs (ASD/SSD) affiliated to National Sports Federations (FSN) with registered and/or operational headquarters in Lombardy. Among those who submitted an application, 745 entities were eligible for funding, for a total of 1,460,623 euros. Below is the breakdown by province: Bergamo 93 beneficiaries for 184,551 euros, Brescia 108 beneficiaries for 214,786 euros, Como 53 beneficiaries for 104,611 euros, Cremona 34 beneficiaries for 68,000 euros, Lecco 31 beneficiaries for 60,423 euros, Lodi 21 beneficiaries for €38,657, Mantua 37 beneficiaries for €71,151, Metropolitan City of Milan 173 beneficiaries for €335,762, Monza and Brianza 59 beneficiaries for €117,624, Pavia 42 beneficiaries for €81,264, Sondrio 18 beneficiaries for €36,000 , Varese 76 beneficiaries for €147,791.

The second category of Line 2, B, includes amateur sports associations and clubs (ASD/SSD) affiliated to the Discipline Sportive Associée (DSA) and to the Sports Promotion Organizations (EPS). 229 regional realities of this group have obtained funding of up to 2,000 euros to support ordinary activities in 2021, for a total amount of 448,282 euros.

The third category of row 2, C, includes amateur sports associations and clubs (ASD/SSD) affiliated to Paralympic Sports Federations (PSF), National Paralympic Sports Federations (NPSF), Associated Paralympic Sports Disciplines (DSAP ) and the Paralympic Sports Promotion (EPSP). These are 7 regional realities of this group that have obtained funding of 2,000 euros each to support ordinary activities in 2021, for a total sum of 14,000 euros.

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