Sport in schools again next year, Seravezza is preparing to host the Italian Archery Championships

The experience of sport in schools will be repeated and increased, carried out by the municipal administration through collaboration with the Comprehensive Institute and an agreement with CONI. Meanwhile, from the Italian Archery Federation, news arrives that the municipality of Seravezza will host the Italian Championships next year.

School, sport and associations are the cornerstones of the project launched by the Alessandrini administration which, during this school year, has activated an important initiative to promote, in the primary schools of the region, knowledge and development of sports disciplines, thanks to the involvement of the two expert teachers identified by CONI, and local associations, also including the game of flags closely linked to the Palio dei Micci.

A line dictated by the desire to offer the practice of physical activity in each school, while ensuring knowledge of the different disciplines through the active realities on the municipal territory.

“We have made it a priority to provide this opportunity to primary school children – explains general director of sport Giacomo Tarchi -, anticipating, among other things, the choice of the government, contained in the last finance law, which provides for the teaching of gymnastics in primary school. We also collaborate with the school counselor Valentina Mozzonito evaluate the extension of this teaching to childhood complexes and, in the meantime, we intend to strengthen the direct involvement of local sports associations also in colleges, for a direct relationship with the very young”.

A program that aims to spread a culture of sport and which aims to strengthen the sporting realities of the territory, encouraging and perhaps hoping for the birth of other associations, for an expansion of the offer. It is no coincidence that the awareness project in schools concerned different sports and not only the most popular ones, as evidenced by archery, a discipline that could become established in the Serbian space.

Meanwhile, the news of the transfer of the organization of the Italian outdoor target shooting championships to the amateur association Arcieri Kentron Dard comes from the Italian Federation of this sport, which will promote the event next year at the Buon Riposo stadium for qualifying and the Mediceo for the final.

“A sport that is not widespread in the municipal territory – adds Tarchi – but in which Seravezza has a champion like Giuseppina Parolisi who could be an important testimony to this discipline. The holding of the national championships will be a precious opportunity for the promotion of our territory and for the knowledge of this sport which will certainly be able to seduce young people”.

Finally, we are working on the sports festival, scheduled for June 2 in Matteotti and Pertini squares in Querceta, which will be opened by the Stramicciata race to continue throughout the day with the performances of local sports associations that will publicize the respective disciplines.

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