Sport, Lega: “No new factory in Legnano, the treasure of the Pnrr has been wasted”

LEGNANO – No new structure for the athletes of Legnano, but only a restyling of the existing one. This is the accusation made today, Thursday April 14, by the Legnano section of the Premier League Salvini after the announcement of the arrival of 10 million euros for sports facilities and schools in the city (on the picture, the locker rooms of the “Pino Cozzi” field). “Security and land management issues were not enough – attacks the League – to highlight the shortcomings of the Administration RootThe problem of sports equipment also comes like a tornado. The long period of forced imprisonment a critical problem is hidden under the rug which today, with the return to normality, seriously questions the ability of the mayor and the city councilor to find solutions that are not mere slogans”.

More gymnasiums and a dedicated building are needed

For the minority group, “the propaganda offers us a pompous plan of 10 million euros of PNRR funds for schools and sports equipment. Looking at the background, we find that all this money is used for the redevelopment and modernization of existing factories. Obviously, our administrators have not listened to the cry of alarm that comes from time to time from all the sports associations. The demand is to have new spaces available, more gymnasiums and sports fields”.

According to the League, it would have been preferable to allocate the funds of the Plan “to the construction of a new gymnasium, and perhaps even the much desired sports hall, to be devoted exclusively to the associations in order to reduce the sharing of structures which, until the afternoon, are intended for school activities. In this way, we could avoid having young people who, in order to train, are forced to enter the gym late at night”.

Pool declining towards closure

Another thorny chapter, the swimming pool via Gorizia. “Despite the constant requests no news has been received concerning the fate of the municipal swimming pool. The structure is in steady decline and threatens to close. In addition to the reassurances of the facade, it is necessary to inform the citizens about the intentions of the Administration. Smiles and nice words are no longer enough. Returning to the planned interventions, we wonder in the three-year plan what will happen when the work is done. Once the site has opened, will the structure concerned remain uninhabitable and for how long? Will the Municipality be able to plan activities during periods of lesser use of the facilities? Where will the boys go to train? For the umpteenth time – concludes the group led in the city council by caroline toia – we are faced with an incoherent administration which he also disappoints when he is lucky enough to have a treasure as a gift spend”.

legnano league sports funds – MALPENSA24

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