Sport, nutrition and movement. At school with Stars in Sport and Montallegro –

Food, fuel for our body: what to eat and when, at school age. The matches promoted at school by Stelle nella Sport and Villa Montallegro revolve around this important theme.

“Sport, Nutrition and Movement” is the course dedicated to nutritional education and the promotion of movement, essential factors of psychophysical well-being.

The first “lesson” took place on Monday March 28 at the Terralba Comprehensive Institute in Genoa. The next will be the students of IC Oregina, IC Prà and IC Bertani.

Coordinated by Cristina Cambi, the meetings benefit from the participation of the doctor. Luca Spigno, specialist in food science and coordinator of the scientific project “Più Gusto per la vita” of Villa Montallegro.

“Food is the fuel of our body and it is essential to grow, to have health and strength. To study and to play sports”, emphasizes Spigno.

The quality of food, the right timing of meals, the balance between food and movement: these are some of the questions that are addressed in a simple and concrete way.

An important “educational” initiative that will have a wide reach thanks to the dissemination of the “video lesson” in the school world through the Regional Directorate of Schools of Liguria, sponsor of the project.

The objectives of Stelle in Sport, which have always been shared and supported by Montallegro, are to promote the values ​​of sport to an ever larger segment of the population, with particular attention to young people and therefore through initiatives in the schools. A course which this year benefits from the support of the Orientamenti school.

Here are some figures elaborated thanks to the study carried out by Montallegro in collaboration with Stelle nella Sport on 1062 sports students to understand what they eat and when, how much physical activity they do, how long they sleep, spend in front of the computer and study!

“Over 60% study between 2 and 3 hours a day, roughly the amount of time spent on physical activity. The analysis is from 2015 and sees slightly lower percentages for those who spend the same number of hours on physical activity. Smartphone, but today there would probably be a lot more. Only 5% of students don’t play sports.”

How can we best nourish our bodies to reward the energies expended in study and motor activity? Where do we start? Water, an element necessary for life. We are made up of 70% water, and this is an element that should not be underestimated.

“Water is always very important, you have to remember to hydrate frequently. Especially when you do a lot of physical activity, one hour of activity leads to the loss of 600 ml, or half a liter. You sweat even in swimming: watch out for those who practice it! What to drink? I have a somewhat particular position concerning the absolute no to drinks other than water, such as soft drinks and juices. If you don’t exercise, you can only drink water. drink a sugary drink in proportion to the effort, to rebalance the muscle sugars burned during the effort”, explains Luca Spigno.

And then it’s off again with other examples, tips, ingredients.

“Olive oil is a wealth that we practically only have here in the Mediterranean. It has extraordinary antioxidant powers. Another element, fish. It has an anti-aging function, if you go to see the people who have the highest average lifespan in the world they are two major consumers like Italy and Japan Without forgetting bread and cereals, another great wealth of our country, pasta is a dish that all young people should learn to cook and consume”.

A fundamental advice: vary, and therefore follow the colors. Assign a different color to each type of food and mix them during the week as diet artists: with the vegetable dyes exposed, the most obvious in the palette.

“Fundamental – adds Spigno – the 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day. Young people generally do not consume a lot. It is important to vary the colors and the vitamins as well as to respect the principle of Km 0 as much as possible. “.

It is therefore very important to consume seasonal fruits. Fruits that are not in season must be important from foreign countries, and due to preservatives they lose some of their health effects, in addition to generating pollution and, therefore, little sustainability.

The dessert (but only for those who do sports), the snack immediately after training with carbohydrates, the anxiety that makes us consume more calories. Many questions and as many answers to close each meeting, much appreciated by all students.

“We are proud to accompany and support Stars in Sport for many years,” said Francesco Berti Riboli, CEO of Villa Montallegro. “A historic partnership, which began in 2008, under the banner of the most authentic values ​​that sport can transmit to young people. This year, Montallegro celebrates 70 years of activity and, in addition to signing the “Big Female” category for the 15th year, we are bringing the values ​​of sport and health to schools, without forgetting all the initiatives dedicated to Gigi Ghirotti, of which we are close with great participation”.

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