Sport, the schools of the University of Florence take the field with the ‘Facolcup’

A special tournament was presented, the final of which will take place in the Metropolitan Olympics

It was presented yesterday, Wednesday April 13, at the Oblate Library in Florence, ‘Facolcup’the first football tournament of eleven students among eight teams representing different schools (former faculties) of the University of Florence.

The initiative, sponsored by the Municipality and the Metropolitan City of Florence, was born from an idea of ​​Enea De Vita and carried out with two other students enrolled at the university: Matteo Gesmundo and Leonardo Giusti. “The Facolcup – explained the three boys – was born to be a reality capable of uniting what the Covid-19 pandemic has divided. The ambition is to give back at least in part what the pandemic has stolen from students, who have known the university world almost exclusively from a distance, a way in which the component linked to social relations is lost”.

“It is a wonderful initiative that says that sport and education are not distant worlds – he commented Nicholas ArmentanoCouncilor of the Metropolitan City of Florence Delegate for Sport – I would love to be able to include the final of this tournament in the next Metropolitan City Olympics. I agree with what the organizers have said that they will not allow unsportsmanlike athletic and cheering behavior. There is a great desire to meet and make new friends through sport, with healthy competition, respect and fair play.

“A tournament open to university students from the different faculties – said the University and Research Councilor of the Municipality of Florence Titta Meucci – which finally brings together many young people after the distancing imposed by the Covid. A great opportunity to promote confrontation and the exchange of ideas and experiences, also as a basis for peace and solidarity”.

The Facolcup is not just a football tournament: the heart of the event is the social function. The football matches, which will mark the succession of dates during which hundreds of young people will crowd the stands of the sports facilities where the matches will be played to encourage one or the other team, are nothing but the occasion of a moment for healthy aggregation between young students. This is an opportunity to discover the university environment, so that young people can meet and make new acquaintances.

The tournament, which will start on Sunday April 24 and end on Sunday June 12, will take place at Asd Belmonte Calcio grounds, via di Belmonte 35, and at US Sales, via Gioberti 33.

They participate in the tournament eight teams: Economics, Law, Motricity Sciences, Political Sciences, Medicine, Management Engineering, Mechanical and Mixed Engineering. The eight teams are divided into two groups of four teams which compete on a one-way schedule. The first two classified of each group reach the final phase. Matches last 90 minutes, divided into two halves of 45 minutes each.

The inauguration ceremony will take place sunday april 24, at 8:45 p.m. Institutional representatives and important personalities from the world of sport will participate. The parade of teams will be followed by the kick-off of the first match of the tournament, scheduled for 9:30 p.m.

In addition to rewards scheduled for top three ranked teamsthe Best player of the tournament and warmest supporters.

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