sports, music and solidarity evening!

amateur sports association Table tennis Savigliano has decided to combine sport, music and solidarity in one evening!

But let’s start from his story, the “Table tennis Savigliano“Was born in 2004 thanks to the work of a few enthusiasts including Luca Mondino And Paul Bonino and in a decade significant results are obtained in terms of participation and quantity, with around 50 athletes also involved in national championships, as well as the organization of some events also of an Italian nature. In the absence of the initial organizational boost, the company embarks on “lethargy“, But managing to stay alive thanks to the hard and stubborn work of”PresidentissimoElisa Monge.

In the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 seasons two teams reappear in the Fitet provincial championship, starting a new sporting adventure but only in May 2021, with the change of the Board of Directors, there is a decisive resumption of activity with the participation of 2 teams in the D3 series and one in D2 thanks to the transfer of the participation rights of the friends of the “Table Tennis Bra”.

The technical collaboration with Valentino Piacentinitriple champion of Italy in singles, which bore fruit with the conquest of the individual provincial title of the 6th category by young Lorenzo Rivoira and with the “boys” From the D2 which unexpectedly affected the rise in the upper category.
From January 2022 he then joins the technical staff Alessandro Soraci, current n°35 of the general classification and player of Serie A2 and also winner of several national titles. He collaborates with the company, even is an integral part of it too Luca Boscolo, of the Saviglianais doc, grew up in the A4 Verzuolo nursery, a player with great potential in the national series. The current office consists of Mauro Agnesina President, Claudio Tortone Vice President, Fiorito Alberto Technical Director, Gigi Dossetto Sports Director. The racing part rests on the shoulders of Elisa Monge.

But let’s move on to the new “invention“From sporting director Gigi Dossetto…that”impliedFabrice DeAndre, one of the greatest songwriters in our history and a monumental artist. More than twenty years have passed, but Faber continues to excite thanks also to the musical groups that continue to carry his songs, such as Renato Franchi and the “Player Jones Orchestra“Guests of the” Tributeor Faber“On appointment at 8:45 p.m. Of friday april 8 to the Aurora Cinema / Theater in Savigliano.

Born in the 90s, as a cover band, they have numerous albums and hundreds of concerts to their credit where they bring the social themes of Labour, Immigration, everyday life and peace, alongside an important discographic production. It will also be presented by the authors Claudio Sassi And Walter Pistarini the book “Collecting By Andrè“, A monumental work that tells Fabrizio De André from, obviously, a complete discography with Italian and foreign editions, including collections, videos, backing tracks and much more.

The event was born from the collaboration of two Saviglianese associations, the “Savigliano table tennis table“(Among other things, Claudio Sassi was a national level tennis player) and one in the social fieldASHA.S. Alone who have come together to organize something spectacular. An evening to sing, listen and reflect!

There will also be a wonderful surprise: a video of the guys from the Meeting Center and the apartment group “My house“From ASHA.S., which wants to be an opportunity to make them better known, to open the doors of the association to them and perhaps to intrigue someone who wants to undertake the”winding“But a satisfying volunteering experience… And to talk about the project to open the second collective apartment!

The “Tribute to FaberHas an interesting prologue, strongly desired by director Gigi Dossetto, which will be held at 7:30 p.m. to the Bowling 300. The “Solidarity Trophy“Open to organized groups (of tennis players and not) where the trophy goes… not to those who play better (also because you don’t play but you… eat!) but to those who bring more people to the mega aperitif.

A great synergy – they say Gigi Dosetto and the new president of ASHA.S. Enrico Bosiowhich will turn into a beautiful musical, sporting and solidarity evening, to which you are all invited, free entry“. The journalist presents the evening Doriano Mandril.

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