Sports stories: Stefanie Horn’s double life and her love secret

In her first life, Stefanie Horn was born 31 years ago in Bottrop, Rhineland. German by training and growth, childhood in Westphalia, university in Bavaria, she discovered herself to be a good canoeist, won various titles at the youth level in Germany. A marked path, indeed not. Stop. Change of scenery, fate turns. In his second life Stefanie Horn (re)born Italian, acquires citizenship, competes with the blue colors, in two editions of the Games, first in Rio 2016 (8th place) then in Tokyo 2020 (fourth place). Between the two, the event that changes his life. Love.

Indeed, in 2013 Stefanie Horn he marries the former Italian canoeist Riccardo De Gennaro, enrolled in the Navy Sports Group, moved to Brescia, then to Breno, which became her adopted city. And keep winning. Gold medal in K1 at the under-23 canoe/kayak world championships, silver medal in K1 at the European canoe championships first in Krakow then in Tacen, again silver medal in C2 mixed at the world championships in Pau.

The story of Stefanie Horn sums up in a virtuous way the meaning of sport, which is to bridge the distances, make us citizens of the world and try, each in his discipline, to push the limits of humanity a little further. To tell him that there is a new sports series, published by Italy on the publishers’ podium. Stefanie’s biography – edited by Mario Nicoliello – is titled A canoe life and this is only the first of a series of small and big provincial stories that have made and are making the greatness of Italian sport.

A new perspective, focus on a world, that of Italian sport, often overwhelmed, misunderstood and gratified in fits and starts. The light of the Games shines for a few weeks every four years, then the media attention fades and the Italian athletes find themselves in spite of themselves in a gray zone. Face a series of practical problems on a daily basis: i campi di allenamento che mancano, il sostegno economico che non semper guarantees the necessaria tranquillità, gli staff sportivi e medici che talvolta non si rivelano all’altezza, i tanti sacrifici di una quotidianità che deve dividersi tra gli impegni di famiglia e l’attività athletic.

The protagonists narrated by also move on the same frequency Here and now, my sisters (by Luca Farinotti), or the players of the Italian softball team who participated in the Tokyo Games, after a qualification obtained against all expectations and to the general surprise of the experts. Lives that crossed for a magical alchemy; young Italian women who spend their days as students, mothers, office workers, sales assistants, and who manage to give concrete meaning to the idea of ​​teamwork, following the common thread of a shared passion.


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