Sports that reduce menstrual pain

Which sports reduce menstrual pain, when to practice yoga, pilates, new and cycling, which sports to avoid and videos with exercises.

Sports that reduce menstrual pain

Every month, women are confronted with menstrual inconveniences that are sometimes very disabling. It starts with PMS and then continues with stomach pain, migraines, back pain, nausea, fatigue and mood swings that last for a few days. Yet they exist sports that reduce menstrual painlet’s see which ones together.

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Which sports reduce menstrual pain?

THE menstrual cramps they are a scourge for many women: for some they are so unbearable that they make it almost impossible to carry out normal daily activities, for others a bearable but ever-present nuisance. There are many remedies for relieve menstrual disordersbut maybe you didn’t think that some sport they are able to significantly reduce pain. Here is what they are.

Yoga for menstrual pain

Practice par excellence that helps to relax, yoga improves circulation and breathing and reduces stress and anxiety, which is why it is able to relieve menstrual pain. The type of yoga to practice depends on your level: if you are not an expert, it is better to choose yin asanas that help you focus on your emotions and your breathing.

Here is a video that can help you practice yoga for reduce menstrual pain:

Pilates for cycle days

Pilates can also be practiced to help you feel less pain during cycle, but not all locations. In this video, I Love Pilates Arese explains how to feel better the previous days Rules and during, with particular attention to the lumbar region.

Swimming to produce serotonin and dopamine

stay in the water deliver in oneself advantage to pain of any kind, but slow swimming can help reduce menstrual pain because it makes it possible to produce serotonin And dopamine. Obviously it is not suitable for those who do not use tampons or menstrual cups, but if this is not a problem, choose a lane with little traffic and progress at your own pace, including swimming the breaststroke.

Cycling to improve mood

Pedal, on the training bike or on the street, it helps release tension, improves trafficmakes the heart work and makes it produce endorphinswhich releases from the brain helps relieve pain and gives relief. Just a single ride more than half an hour in town, or a little exercise bike in front of an episode of your favorite series, to get better right away.

Effects of sport on cycle disorders

In addition to benefit on painL’physical activity can have positive effects on many other ailments that appear before the arrival of the periodusually during the syndrome premenstrual. For example, playing sports regularly helps to regulate your cycle, according to some studies, to control your appetite, to maintain a good mood thanks to endorphins, serotonin and dopamine and to sleep better.

What sports to avoid during your period

But be careful: if yoga, bicycles And I swim I am ideal sports to relieve menstrual painother sports could be a problem on the most tiring days.

Even if you train regularly, listen to your body: if you are prone to sudden changes in pressure (especially down), nausea, lower back pain, you may need to do one pause during the days of the cycle, at least the first. Here too to walk this can be a strain for women who suffer from back pain, especially if they are wearing the wrong shoes and on the asphalt. If you work out regularly and don’t like the idea of ​​days off, try one of the activities that help relieve menstrual pain, or practice the simple elongationwhich not only improves elasticity but allows you to recover and, last but not least, reduce menstrual pain.

Here is a video that you can use as inspiration to perform some stretch during your period:

It can be done physical activity during menstruation but not at all exercise reduces menstrual painYoga, Pilates, cycling, and swimming are best, but taking a break to stretch and meditate might also help you feel better.

Updated on 22.03.2022

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