Spring training: Adjusting the glutes with gardening

Balconies and muscles bloom

GLUTE TRAINING: It’s never been so green. Transplanting flowers and sowing plants as well as beautifying balconies and terraces gives psycho-physical well-being and helps you get in shape. In particular, devoting yourself to gardening tones the buttocks and biceps, without even realizing it.

Without resorting to bulky and cumbersome tools, with a few tricks you can easily combine the passion for greenery and the energy of spring with a simple outdoor workout on the balcony.


The influence of plants on mental well-being

Being in contact with plants and flowers makes us feel good. Science says it all: many mood and mental health benefits.

Contact with nature improves the mood: a walk in the forest or in a park can very well do us good! But having plants and flowers at home is also true booster in a good mood.

Plants also help you feel protected and relaxed.

The scent given off by certain plants is particularly relaxing. As the lavenderwhich many recommend keeping in the bedroom as it can help you sleep better.

The properties of certain plants also make them perfect for potentiating concentration and productivity.

spring training


Plants on the balcony: many health benefits

Having plants in your home affects the health of our body mainly due to their impact on the air. One of the best known functions is the production of oxygen. A fundamental advantage, but not the only one. For example: did you know that some plants purify the air? Indeed, they manage to eliminate the most dangerous toxins.

In this sense, one of the most effective allies is Aloe Vera. It is one of the plants most often recommended for bedroom precisely because of its functions. In addition to purifying the air in the house, Aloe Vera releases a lot of oxygen during the night, and it also helps against insomnia.

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony to decorate with flowers and plants, you can make a real one wellness oasis even in the chaos of the city.

spring training


Spring Workout: Perfect glutes with gardening

Surrounding yourself with greenery and flowers gives well-being mental, but it also helps the aptitude. Especially if you incorporate gardening into targeted exercises like the ones he offers. Simona Musocchi, personal trainer and creator of the Smart Gym method.

For readers of Friend, Simona has designed a mini balcony circuit specially designed to optimize the time spent gardening. The circuit is designed with particular emphasis on buttocks: ideal, with summer approaching!

Spring training phase 1: balance

To begin with, while you are devoting yourself to the care of plants and flowers, try to stay in balance on one leg for 30 seconds, then switch to the other. Seemingly simple, this exercise is a real wonder for abs, legs and buttocks!

Step 2: Touch the arms

Focus on your arms for a few seconds: lean on the balcony railing with your hands and perform 10 shoes.

Step 3: Glutes workout!

For the third point of training, use the movements from side to side of the balcony: spread your legs, bend them a little and move sideways, like crabs.

The focus remains on buttocks also in the next step: when you stop again to continue your gardening work the legs remain slightly bent, in a position of squat.

Step 4, the outside of the thigh: goodbye saddlebags!

Before closing the circuit, return to lean on the railing, this time keeping it at your side, and with the opposite leg perform 20 side thrusts to the top. Then repeat with the other leg. This exercise is ideal for modeling the outside of the thigh!

Spring Workout Phase 5: Below with triceps and pecs

Finally, turn to the railing, place your hands and apply pressure from top to bottom, as if you wanted to push it down. For 30 seconds, hold this position, which is phenomenal for firming triceps and pecs.

Additional Personal Trainer Tips: Don’t Underestimate Posture and Stretching

That much you have completed the spring glute workout circuit on the balcony. Simona’s advice is to repeat it for all the time you spend on the balcony! Whether for gardening or, why not, simply to enjoy your plants and flowers. If you need ideas on the most beautiful flowers to choose for this season scroll through the gallery at the top of the article.

Also pay attention to posturewarns the personal trainer: it is important to check this, always keeping your shoulders wide apart throughout the duration of the workout to avoid leaning forward.

Before completing the mini workout, the ideal is take a few minutes to stretch to stretch muscles and improve flexibility and mobility.


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