“Stock up on food and water, we will distribute iodine pills.” Accounts of Russian oligarchs blocked

The attack on the nuclear plant Of Zaporizhzhya in Ukraine, awakens the nightmare of a nuclear war in Europe. In Switzerland, the federal government has posted the guidelines of its prevention plan for the protection of the population in the event of a nuclear conflict online, following the numerous questions received from citizens on the subject. The plan specifies the measures that would be taken in the event of emergency, applications to information methods for the alert, up to iodine tablets. However, the government said that: “Compared to the current situation, there are no scenarios that make it necessary to distribute or take iodine tablets. The Confederation therefore currently renounces ordering the protective measures provided for in the event of a nuclear conflict”.

365,000 private and public shelters

The Swiss at about 365,000 private and public shelters And about 9 million seats protected for its inhabitants, which corresponds to a degree of coverage greater than 100%. The assignment of the population to the shelters will be known when the situation in the field of security policy makes it necessary. The cantons are responsible for drawing up and regularly updating the allocation plan for shelters, which are designed for short and long stays (from a few hours to several days). In normal situations, shelters are mainly used for other purposes, such as cellars, warehouses or clubs for associations. In case of need, however, they can be transformed in a short time into shelters for the protection of the population.

“Stock up on food and water”

The government has warned that in the event of an alert, the population must be able to support themselves for several days without outside help. For this purpose, the country’s Federal Office for Economic Supplies (Ufae) recommends keeping sufficient emergency stocks for about a week. These should mainly include shelf-stable food and 9 liters of water per person as well as the most important medications.

In case of danger Sirens and warnings on the Alertswiss App

In the event of real danger, the authorities they alert the population by means of sirens and issue behavioral instructions by radio and via the Alertswiss application that Ufpp recommends installing on your smartphone. In addition, in the event of a serious accident in a nuclear power plant with a leak of radioactive iodine, they will be distributed iodine tablets to those who live 50 km from the power stations. These types of tablets prevent the thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine and are used to prevent thyroid cancer. In the event of an accident, they must be swallowed in time. Pharmacies and drugstores located within a radius of 50 km around the power plants keep a supply of this drug, which can optionally be purchased for 5.00 Swiss francs. In the regions located beyond a radius of 50 km around a Swiss nuclear power plant, the cantons provide for the storage of iodine tablets in order to allow the supply of their entire population in the event of an event. serious. Currently, people residing outside this area do not have to keep stocks of iodine tablets.

The accounts of Russian oligarchs are blocked

Switzerland has adopted new trade and financial sanctions against Russia, taking over other measures established by the European Union. This was announced by the Swiss federal government, stating that the new ordinance comes into effect today at 6 p.m. The new package prohibits the export to Russia of all goods that could contribute to the military and technological strengthening of Russia or to the development of its defence. sector and security. Transactions with the Russian Central Bank are no longer allowed and the accounts of several Russian oligarchs have been blocked.


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