Stop the super green pass: what Galli, Lopalco and Clerici say

Stop the obligation of the super green pass – or reinforced green pass – from April 1 for workers over 50 and in outdoor locations. A decision, a few days after the farewell to the “super” green certificate with the related restrictions, which however does not convince the experts. To comment on the measure decided by the government are Galli, Lopalco and Clerici.

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“It was a mistake to skip the reinforced green pass. We could and should reopen maintaining the green certificate. And even the return to work, for particular categories, such as teachers, could be done differently, also evaluating, at the case by case. , presence of antibody responses. But certainly not by canceling everything overnight. So they won the no vaxes and we reduced the incentive for vaccination considerably, “he told Adnkronos Health Massimo Galli, former director of infectious diseases at Sacco Hospital in Milan. In this context “lately, there have been very few vaccinations – complains Galli – especially among children and adolescents. I remain of my opinion: it would have been very appropriate to maintain the reinforced green collar. Unfortunately, much of Europe made the same decision at a time when there was no need to make it, so much so that another small wave related to Omicron 2 started.”

“The farewell to the reinforced Green Pass is a gift to the no vax. The fact of abolishing it overnight, the fact of saying that you can return to work means, as a communicative message: ‘we were joking. resist'” , the words of the epidemiologist to Adnkronos Salute Pier Luigi Lopalcoprofessor of hygiene at the University of Salento who, among other things, agrees with the protests of the directors who, from April 1, will see unvaccinated teachers return to work, who will be able to resume their activities, even if they do not come into direct contact with the boys, making the buffer.

“People who did not want to be vaccinated – he continues – rather than getting vaccinated, as 90% of the country did, found excuses, wasted time, presented certificates, filed recourse… they wasted time waiting for this. came, “amnesty”. It is a favor that has been rendered not only to the non-vaxes but also to the political parties who wink at these people”.

“I would also have kept the green pass for a while – he told Adnkronos Salute Mario Clericiprofessor of immunology at the University of Milan and scientific director of the Don Gnocchi Foundation. – Even if I admit that, from a political point of view, it was the right decision “to take him towards elimination.

“Sooner or later – recognizes the immunologist – it was necessary to give a positive message to people, even if from the point of view of public health it could have been useful to hold on for a few more months. In any case, that cannot say that the government has done the wrong thing and going down this road people just couldn’t take it of course with covid cases on the rise as long as it’s infections and not serious illnesses , we must remain cautious and in this perspective – reiterates Clerici – it is good that the isolation of positive cases is maintained”.

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