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The first training is in progress against verbal abuse in sport promoted by corecom in collaboration with Parole O_Stili, for all students in the Region. Corecom Sardegna, which has always been sensitive to training issues, immediately joined the project with enthusiasm. Committee members Graziano Cesaraccio, Stella Locci, Sergio Nuvoli and Alessandro Balzani, through Parole O_stili, wanted to combine educational intentionality with the promotion and dissemination of a culture that respects others and have implemented all the resources for carrying out the project.

In the Sardinian schools the lessons against verbal abuse in sport are coming. From the collaboration between Corecom Sardegna, the Association Parole O_Stili e Sport e Salute, the training course “Parole O_Stili per lo Sport” begins to sensitize students against the use of violent language in cheering, both on the field and on the Net, and to educate the younger generations in a sporting culture based on respect for the adversary and fair play.

The project, which is aimed at pupils aged 8 to 13, stems from the experience of the Manifesto of non-hostile communication for sport, ten simple principles of style inspired by the noblest values ​​of sport and competition. Classes will be guided through a ten-step journey, one for each principle, to learn respect for adversaries, anger control, up to accepting defeat, always keeping three key words as a common thread: awareness , responsibility and change. Through activities and digital didactic sheets, to be carried out online and at school, students will be involved by teachers, coaches and sports educators, in games and in interactions with their peers. The fun dynamics and the use of digital media – video, audio, images and interactive quizzes – will make learning more effective and stimulating even for the little ones.

The didactic sheets, developed by Parole O_Stili in collaboration with pedagogues and learning professionals, are available on the website The training course, in addition to Sardinia, will also arrive in schools in the other 5 Italian regions – Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Basilicata, Lazio and Puglia.

“Working on the theme of sport and its language is undoubtedly a fundamental necessity for the development of new generations, but it is always neglected and underestimated. A healthy relationship with fans and opponents contributes significantly to the formation of conscious and responsible digital citizens,” said Rosy Russo, founder of Parole O_Stili. “Our group works daily with young people and the school world and for this reason it has designed the platform together with the Ministry of Education, a meeting place for all staff teacher where they can find free materials for teaching the basic principles of digital citizenship. We hope that many other institutions will follow the example of the proactive action of our Corecom partners to initiate actions to raise awareness and train new generations”.

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