Storing Food in the Refrigerator | and in the freezer

Store food in the refrigeratoras well as in the freezer: what are the indications to follow for a correct procedure that allows us to set aside our leftovers, allowing us to preserve both the flavor and the organoleptic properties?

Girl in front of the open fridge (Adobe Stock)

These are the two appliances that must always be left on, as specific temperatures are needed to protect food. both short and long term. So let’s see how to store food in the fridge and freezer.

First of all, everyone knows the rule that you should never, ever put anything back in the freezer. already thawed once. This is due to possible bacterial contamination.

Storing Food in the Fridge, Freezer and How to Take It Out

Then, the best way to thaw the food is to transfer it from the freezer to the refrigerator, where there will be a rise in temperature. from -18 to about 4-5°for an even process that will last at least half an hour and will ensure texture and flavor better than other methods.

An open refrigerator
An open refrigerator (Adobe Stock)

For example, it is better not to immediately move frozen foods from the freezer to the oven or leave them at room temperature. Always to better guarantee all the properties of food. And on how to store food in the fridge and freezer, you should never put anything in both that is still hot.

Any edible we intend to salvage later must first be cold. More than anything to avoid possible damage to our devices. It should also be said that you should never leave anything edible exposed too long at room temperature.

Again for a discussion of possible bacterial contamination. The ideal would be to refrigerate or freeze food half an hour after cooking.

What containers to use for proper storage

Also, for the fridge, you have to use gods plastic containers or even better glass, fitted with an airtight cap. or gods food bags. Bags are also good for food to be stored in the freezer, while for glass containers, glass ones should be avoided as low sub-zero temperatures could break it.

Donna freezes food in the freezer
Donna freezes food in the freezer (Adobe Stock)

We must also pay attention to the charge of our devices, which must not be completely filled. It is necessary to leave the necessary spaces to ensure a air circulation.

As a contraindication to overflowing refrigerators and freezers, there will be an inefficient cooling or freezing process. And then there are certain foods that should never go in the fridge. When they should go eggs, milk, fish, meats and various juices.

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