strong regional focus on territorial health

The theme reiterated in Sacile during a meeting with the city council

Trieste, April 14 – Local health is being strengthened with targeted investments and in this legislature many resources have been allocated to this sector, more than half of the regional budget, testifying to the strong choice made by the Administration.

This is in summary the concept expressed yesterday by the Deputy Governor of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in charge of Health during the hearing requested by the City Hall of Sacile concerning the investment plan envisaged by the Region in this municipality of the region. of Pordenone. In the presence of the mayor and the general manager of Asfo, the representative of the regional executive highlighted the amount of resources that the administration has allocated to the health sector and which for the entire district of Sacile exceeds 22, 6 million euros.

Figures in hand, the Region highlighted how in the last legislature 212 million euros were allocated to health with budgetary funds while in this mandate the resources directed to the sector amounted to a total of 750 million. Of the latter, 118 million come from PNRR funds, 220 from State Posts following a few renegotiations and finally 411 from own funds from the regional budget. In terms of territorial health, from 2013 to 2018, 23 million were invested almost entirely from the regional budget; under the current legislature, the items in this specific sector amounted to 222 million, 80 of which came from the regional budget.

The decision to allocate many resources to the territorial health system – it was recalled by the Region – is linked to the need to reshape the system. The organization of health care has indeed remained anchored in the past while, on the other hand, the needs of society have changed profoundly following the lengthening of life expectancy. This therefore leads to the need to give more weight to the aspect related to chronic diseases. In this sense, the actions undertaken by the Region on Sacile with a community hospital center, the community house and the Territorial Operational Center (Cot) must be interpreted.

The Region then focused on the attractiveness (77.5 million euros) and the flight (74.7) of the health system of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which sees a positive balance of around 3 million euros. The area of ​​the region where the greatest suffering is recorded is that of West Friuli, on the border with neighboring Veneto, which alone attracts 53 million euros. 60% is devoted to prosthetics, ophthalmology and diagnostic imaging services, resources absorbed by the accredited individual in the neighboring region. The representative of the executive explained that through the authorized private sector of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the intention is not to privatize but to recover the galloping expenses that are already destined for the authorized system of Veneto, which has much larger budgets than the regional system.

Finally, it was recalled that one of the main issues to be addressed in the future will not be that of resources for the construction of health facilities, but rather that of finding professionals to work there. On this aspect, the Regions are asking the State for new essential rules to overcome the difficulties encountered throughout the territory. ARC / AL / day

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