Suddenly there are a lot of midfielders in training for Växjö DFF

Elite newcomer Ifö Bromölla, managed by former Växjö DFF manager Pierre Persson, is Växjö’s opponent in Saturday’s standard test.

Maria Mல்லller Thomson (centre) is training again with Vauxhall DFF after leaving Lazio last autumn.Photo: Urban Nilsson

Game Guide

Bromölla-Växjö FDF

When: Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

Where is it: Multi-copy arena (artificial grass) in Promalla.

Disappeared in Växjö: Lisa Carlson, Eileen Carlson and Hilda Conspi Doll.

A few weeks ago, Eileen Carlson suffered a setback with a knee injury that looked a bit thin in midfield at Växjö DFF.

But on Tuesday midfielder Annabel Hoffenton (from Australia) was signed until July 31 – now a new old midfielder has also appeared in training for Växjö DFF: Maria Mல்லller Thompson.

Dan, who played at Växjö 2020, then left for Fortuna Hjörring and was signed by Italian Lazio from there.

– For me used to Scandinavian order and order, the weather in Rome was a bit shocking. Fantastic city but chaotic club, says Maria after one of this week’s training sessions with Växjö DFF.

– The manager who brought me to Lazio was sacked and I left the club last autumn. I love testing the sport in Italy, but at the same time I needed to retire from football after some time there,” says the 23-year-old from Odense.

Since her boyfriend is handball player Vincent Koukinen at Växjö HF, Maria is now back in Växjö, so she has the chance to train with Växjö DFF.

– I am studying as a distance teacher, but I am starting to rediscover my passion for football. Now it looks like we have to bet again.

Maria Mல்லller Thompson.

Maria Mல்லller Thompson.Photo: Urban Nilsson

His training with Växjö has been intermittent so far, but the idea is that Möller Thomsen will continue training with DFF from May.

– Let’s see if she’s still hungry and interested in us. But depending on how long Elin Carlson will be out, it would be nice if Annabelle and Maria were a viable alternative by July, said Vauxhall manager Olof Unogord.

During practice on Friday, Hoffenton was seen running at top speed.

– It’s physical in the scrum, but above all self-confidence and different on the ball. It was also her game with the ball that we dropped when we decided to contract her, explains Unocord.

Annabelle is on the bench against Promolla. Also note the fact that goalkeepers Malin Davidson and Louis Hogrell will each play half the game.

– We were talking about natural grass in the games, but it wasn’t going to be like that. However, the DFF coach says it’s okay because we’ll meet Gidex on artificial turf in the premiere on April 2.

Bromölla are a team that look to play football in all situations and have excellent ball possession.

– I saw their matches against Christianstadt and IFK Kalmar. Promolla continued to play football, despite all the pressure from the AllSensen teams and winning many balls at the start, says Unocord.

To note: Signe Holt Andersen, another former Växjö DFF player who moved to Lazio, now plays in Lillestrom, Norway.

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