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Taking care of yourself and your health should be a priority for all of us, especially now that the change of seasons has arrived. Between a thousand commitments, work and family, our body suffers from stress and fatigue. For this reason, Amazon, who cares about your health, has developed a selection of effective supplements and vitamins to fight fatigue and give you energy throughout the day. Let’s discover all the items on offer, as well as the best products for your home.

Vitamin B complex

Nutrivita vitamin B is rich in properties that can help our body. The package allows a supply for an entire year instead of six months at a very advantageous price. These vitamins are a perfect blend of 8 different B vitamins, with the addition of vitamin D3 to support our body’s well-being. Beneficial properties include: biotin which helps maintain healthy teeth, riboflavin which promotes healthy skin, vitamin B12 which helps maintain normal energy metabolism and immune system health, and other vitamins which promote a healthy and satisfying life, supporting the functionality of the immune system.

The perfect blend of minerals

Also from the Nutrivita brand, there are many minerals that are perfect for our health. This supplement is the one with the highest dosage available, in fact it contains 800 mg of calcium, 360 mg of magnesium, 5 mg of zinc and 1000 IU of vitamin D3. They are among the most important minerals for the body, supporting healthy bones and teeth, the immune system and muscle function. They also help fight fatigue and exhaustion, which is very important for all those people who have to deal with a thousand commitments in the space of a day. The packaging contains 365 vegetarian tablets, to meet everyone’s dietary needs, guaranteeing a supply of 6 months since it is necessary to take 2 per day.

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Cranberry extract

Nutrivita High Dose Cranberry Extract is ideal for anyone following a vegan diet. In fact, the package contains 180 capsules to be taken once a day, which thanks to cranberries promote a healthy lifestyle and general well-being. These capsules are made with 250mg of high quality dried and powdered cranberry extract with no synthetic binders or fillers. These supplements have been made because this fruit often has a rather sour taste and is rarely consumed by families, but they have beneficial properties that are very useful for our organism. Moreover, Nutravita is committed to creating these supplements through a team of chemists and scientific researchers to create an excellent quality product.

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